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Struts 2.0.3 Released

The Struts 2.0.3 is released and available for download. In this release experimental features added.

Struts 2.0.3 Released


The Struts 2.0.3 is released and available for download. In this release experimental features added.

Here are the list changes made to Struts framework

  1. Allow new template engines and tag libraries to be discovered automatically (WW-1590).
  2. Create aggregated Struts 2 and XWork Javadoc (WW-1395_.
  3. Generate Taglib TLD from annotations/xdoclet tags (WW-1392).
  4. Various fixes.

Here are list of bugs that has been fixed:

# [WW-1429] - Tooltips display twice
# [WW-1523] - DefaultActionMapper ignores "/" between the namespace and action name when there are "/" in action name
# [WW-1543] - RequestContextImpl is not cleaned up on undeploy
# [WW-1547] - Submit tag webapp root repeats when path saved to local variable
# [WW-1557] - multiple="true" does not work in s:select tag
# [WW-1562] - Autcompleter bugs\improvements
# [WW-1576] - Spring2 "session" and "request" scopes not working
# [WW-1578] - ComboBox works incorrect within <label>
# [WW-1581] - Problems with handling of Double in the request parameters
# [WW-1583] - Linked Autocompleter not working on IE 6
# [WW-1591] - OptionTransferSelect doubleSize is ignored in lieu of size property
# [WW-1593] - ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor no longer works after upgrading from WebWork 2.2.4
# [WW-1594] - struts-cleanup filter - stack overflow on missing resource
# [WW-1596] - DatePicker and TimePicker are not working at all

# [WW-1597] - Codebehind Plugin causing multiple issues with the showcase.
# [WW-1605] - DropdownDateTimePicker is not rendering label
# [WW-1608] - Apache Struts 2 Documentation > Home > Tutorials > Bootstrap > Validating Input's example is wrong
# [WW-1610] - Remote forms page on showcase is using the wrong attributes for submit
# [WW-1611] - Autocompleter "list" attribute is not required
# [WW-1613] - optiontransferselect allowUpDownOnLeft allowUpDownOnRight not specified in tld
# [WW-1614] - Apache Struts 2 Documentation > Home > Guides > Core Developers Guide > Action Chaining's next link error
# [WW-1616] - ScopeInterceptor caches key in instance variable
# [WW-1617] - UIBean component sets malformed default ID with ONGL expression for name parameter
# [WW-1620] - Missing treenode in freemarker tags
# [WW-1621] - ScopeInterceptor handling of null values for session attributes breaks under some circumstances
# [WW-1629] - ww:div shall be block directive in velocity view
# [WW-1631] - Unused text message lookup
# [WW-1636] - PortletActionContext.getDefaultActionForMode - ClassCastException
# [WW-1642] - Fileupload broken
# [WW-1646] - TabbedPanel is not assigning "id" attribute properly
# [WW-1648] - Restful2ActionMapper has NullPointerException when used with codebehind
# [WW-1653] - Can't specify method to call on action in portlet mode
# [WW-1660] - Error rendering error template when error occurs deeper than action level

You can download Struts 2.0.3 from



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