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Struts 2.1.8 Showcase application

In this section we will explore Struts 2.1.8 show case application.

Struts 2.1.8 Showcase application


In this section we will explore Struts 2.1.8 show case application. We will use Tomcat to install and test the application.

I am assuming that you have already installed apache-tomcat-6.0.26 on your computer. Now copy the struts2-showcase- file into webapps directory of tomcat and then start the tomcat.

 Now open the browser and type http://localhost:8080/struts2-showcase- Your browser should display the showcase application's home page.

The showcase application provides following examples:

  1. Ajax
  2. Ajax Chat
  3. Action Chaining
  4. Config Browser
  5. Conversion
  6. CRUD
  7. Execute & Wait
  8. File Download
  9. File Upload
  10. FreemarkerHangman
  11. JavaServer
  12.  Faces
  13. Tags
  14. Tiles
  15. Token
  16. Validation
  17. Interactive Demo
  18. Person Manager
  19. Struts 1 Integration

You can learn a lot from the example show case. Here is the screen shot of the Chat application:

In this section we installed and tested Struts 2.1.8 show case example.




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March 31, 2011

It was very usefull to learn in an easy manner