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Introduction to JSP

A JSP page is a web page that contains Java code along within the HTML tags. JSP application is used for developing dynamic web sites.

Introduction to JSP


Java Server Pages or JSP is Sun's solution  used for developing dynamic web sites. JSP stands for Java Server Pages, a technology invented by Sun Microsystems to allow the easy creation of server side HTML pages.

A JSP page is a web page that contains Java code embeded within the HTML tags. 

JSP is used for developing dynamic web sites.

JSP is  used for developing user interfaces for web applications. It is used for creating database driven web applications. However it is recommended to use JSP only for developing user interface of web application.  

JSP can be used as both a kind of Dynamic HTML and a CGI replacement. But most of time it is simple HTML file saved with  jsp extension.

JSP scripting language is a high performance alternative to CGI scripts. It is used for creating dynamic web content  for a web applications.

JSP makes it easy to mix static HTML parts with dynamic Java servlet code. 

Syntax of JSP Tags

In JSP all the jsp tags begin with < and ends >. These tags allows to embed a huge amount of java code in the JSP Scriptlets.e.g.

Syntax of JSP scripting language:


//java codes


JSP Engine places these code in the _jspService() method. 

Variables available to the JSP Scriptlets are: request represents the clients request and is a subclass of HttpServletRequest.  
These variables are used to retrieve the data submitted along the request.



//java codes

String endusers=null;


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December 20, 2013

can you please tell me how to use java projects in dynamic web page(when we r creating a page)?