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Java open source software

Open source software for Java technologies.

Open source software for Java

In this page we will tell list down the most used Open source in Java. Java is one of the programming language used for programming enterprise applications. In Java there are many application servers to run the enterprise grade applications.

There are many open source software in Java which is used to develop and deploy enterprise web applications. Here is the list of java open source software used for the development and deployment of enterprise application in Java technologies.

  • JBoss Application Server
    JBoss application server is used to run enterprise web application developed in Java. It provides lot of performance benefits.
  • Tomcat
    Tomcat is Servlet container which is used to run Java based web applications.
  • Apache HTTP Server
    Apache HTTP Server is one of most advanced HTTP server. It is mostly used with Tomcat run Java based applications.
  • Hibernate Core
    Hibernate is ORM tool which is used to develop the persistence layer for the web and desktop applications. Hibernate tool enhances the productivity of the programming.
  • Spring Framework
    Spring Framework helps the programmers to use the existing Java based frameworks in many different ways. It make the development and deployment process much easier.
  • Struts
    Struts is MVC design pattern based web applications development framework. It is used to develop robust and scalable enterprise web applications. Read Struts 2 tutorials for more information.
  • MySQL Community Server
    MySQL server is used as the backend for web applications.
  • Subversion
    Subversion is source control version controlling system, which is used by developers while developing applicaitons.
  • Ant
    Ant is used for compiling and building the Java based projects.
  • Log4j
    Log4j is logging tool used in Java applications.
  • Maven
    Maven is project management tool used for building Java based projects.


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