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Peanut 9.6 Linux

 Peanut 9.6 Linux
Now Available Peanut 9.6 Linux CD

It is a Linux OS (operating system), especially made for those new to Linux. This is the most POWERFUL and FUN distribution yet.

The major components are included in Peanut 9.6 Linux:
  • Kernel 2.6.5, GUI consists of X-Windows 4.4.x cvs, Enlightenment WM. version 0.16.7-53.
  • Web Browsing Made Easy. Mozilla Communicator v1.7b, & The Great Links! WWW.
  • Communications Made Easy. xMule P2P eDonkey Netw., Phex GNutella/GNet, Gyach-E
    cam/voice, Gnomeeeting cam/voice, GAIM cam/voice, LinPhone cam/voice, aMSN, XChat,
    Vic Video Cenferencing cam/voice, Mozilla MAIL S/R, NEWS Client/Readers, Motion
    Security Detection System (uses your webcam).
  • For Game Lovers. nVidia 3Dfx Glide Voodoo1,2,3,4,5, VR, VG & V-Banshee Support.
  • Business Admin. Made Easy. Graphical Setup For Your HTTP, Ftp Servers. Telnetd.
  • Editing Made Easy With.  Advanced GVIM Vi Editor, MC Hex-Editor, GNotepad PLUS.
  • Multimedia Made Easy. Shout/ICE Cast, OggVorbis, Real Audio, etc. Media Player(s).
  • Linux Libraries Include. GLibc 3.3.4, Perl5 5.9.0-threaded, GTK2 2.4.0 GUI widgets,
    Python 2.3.3, TCLTK 8.4.4, Gnome 2.6.0, SDL, etc ...
  • Some Really Cool Utilities. MPEG, DivX, Sorenson, MIDI, MOD, MP3, etc. Plug ins for Mozilla.
  • 11 Games. 3Dfx OpenGL Chromium, IceBreaker, Maelstrom, X-Rick, CircusLinux,
    Jump n' Bump, LinCity, Rock Dodger, Toppler, Tux-Puck and zSNES Nintendo
    emulator (Super Mario Worlds 1-3), hours of fun.
  • Image Viewing & Manipulation.  The GIMP2!, GQView Image Browser, GSView PDF/PS
    Viewer, XPaint v2.6.2 & XV.
  • GCombust CD-R/W, G-FTP Client, GTK Find, G-Timer, GTV,  sGMix,  GTK Theme*.
  • One of Peanut Linux's Most Favs. Midnight Commander, (Customized) File Manager.
  • Many Xterminals Consist Of. X-Terminal, (E)nlightenment Terminal - E-Transparent (ETerm),
    Rxvt-Terminal and the coolest: ATerm-Terminal (translucent!).
  • Utilities Include, Firestarter FireWall, GTaskMan, GK-Dial, Sci Calc, Linipcfg TCP/IP - PPP,
    Camorama!, XawTV!, Bochs x86 Emulator, E-kyb Editor & E-Menu Editor, emelfm, GTK
    Label Generator, GTK2-KAM (GPhoto2), Dillo Browser, MPlayer VideoMedia, XMMS
    MultiMedia, gps Process Management, EFax (send/recieve), GDeskCal (calendar), GADDR
    (address book), GNU Krell System Monitoring and HDBench (Benchmark Suite).
  • Catch them hackers with:  Gtk Nmap 3.48, (X)Traceroute, (X)Who-is, (X)PortScan,
Above details are taken from :

Buy free downloadable version of Peanut 9.6 Linux now. It can be yours, just pay for the cd's and get it now. Details of the Peanut 9.6 Linux Distribution:

Sr. No.


No of CDs

CD Charges (Rs.)

S & H Charges

Total amount.


Peanut 9.6 Linux CD (1 nos.)


50/- 40/- 90/-

** Add Rs. 25/- for checks out side Delhi.

How to Buy?

Payment Option 1

Now you can pay for CDs through by online transfer or ICICI BRANCH from anywhere in India by depositing cheques/Cash in our account through your local ICICI BANK. If you deposit cheques from anywhere in India than the same will be given local clearance thus the need to wait for outstation clearance is not there. After depositing the cheque, please send me the Cheque/Ref no. All Cheques/Cash have to be deposited in favour of :

Account Holder Name: Deepak Kumar
Our Account Number : 000701049501
Our Branch : Connaught Place, New Delhi
Note: Don't Deposit the Cash in Drop Box.

Once payment is received we will courier you the CDs the same day.

Payment Option 2


Please send DD/cheque in favor of  "Rose India " at
following address.

128, Pocket G-26, Sector-3
India - 110085
Ph:        011-27510893
Mobile: 011-9313063554

After receiving your cheque/DD we will mail the software to your mail address.

Please fill the following form and send along with your DD.

Dear Sir,

I woluld like to purchase Linux CD's.

CD's Required: ___________________________________

Name : _________________________________

Designation : _______________________________

Company : _________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________

Web site: ___________________________________

Enclosed is my cheque/draft # ____________________ Dt: ____________

Signature: _____________________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Once received the cheque/DD we will mail you the CDs.

Online Payment is comming soon.

Please feel free to contact  in regards to difficulty running this software or relevant queries and feedback if any. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product is downloadable version of Peanut 9.6 Linux  and not a product of Peanut and is not endorsed by Peanut. Please refer GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE which governs the distribution of any "open source" Linux OS Distribution.

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