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Linux is know for its security, performance, reliability. Many business units are looking towards Linux as it provides low costs software for them. Earlier Linux used to be difficult to install and configure. But now a days its simple to install and configure Linux and this is also a reason why many business are trying Linux. In this tutorial I will show how Linux can installed easily. This is a general guide, So I will not give the complete the description of installing a particular flavor of  Linux. 

Which Linux Flavor?

As a beginner you can try Red Hat 9.0 or Mandrake 10 for setting up your server. These flavor of the Linux comes with nice installer and there is little input is required (in the form of wizard) from the user to complete the installation. Installer automatically detects Video Card, Sound Card, USB ports etc. So, for your experiment consider these versions of the Linux.

How to Get Linux CD's?

Linux is free and it is distributed under GNU public license. Any one can download it from the distribution mirrors and use it. To download it you have to have a fast internet connection and to able to download more than 3 Gigabytes of data. Once downloaded the ISO image of distribution, you have to burn it make the CDs. Other alternative is to buy the CD from http://www.roseindia.net/linux. Here we are providing the CDs at very less cost.

Selecting your Linux Box for installing Linux

You can use any low end pc like P-I, P-II and be used for installing the Linux and experimenting on it. 128 MB is RAM is sufficient. 10 GB of HDD is required for full installation but lower capacity HDD can also be used when less features are installed. Before installing the Linux you should take a backup of all your data. Linux and windows may co-exists (dual boot) on the same HDD. Only requirement is that you first install Windows and then Linux. Installation of Linux requires un-partition space on the HDD.

Installing Linux

Insert the Linux bootable CD 1 in the CDROM and restart the computer. Computer will boots from the CD and the installation process get started. Installation of Linux takes around 30 minutes. Installer detects the driver for monitor, video board and keyboard and the first screen is displayed. Step through the screens and selections, taking the default settings. When the Disk Partition Setup screens is displayed, be sure to choose the "Automatic Partition". Installer also asks the Admin user/password. Please note down. Installer finally asks the use to proceed the installation or cancel it. Choose the proceed for installation. Installer will ask you for all the CDs one by one. Keep on providing the CDs and watching the installation. One installed installer will reboot the system.

On reboot Linux will ask you the user name and password. Enter user name and password and enjoy the world of Linux.


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