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What is JAVA Technology?

This JAVA 7 tutorial contains basic concept of java technology.

What is JAVA Technology?

This JAVA 7 tutorial contains basic concept of java technology.

Java Technology :

Java is very powerful technology which helps developer to write code as well as provides platform. Sun Microsystems released first JAVA version in 1995. It provides a great way of programming and also provides many utilities, games and application for business environment. Now a days you can see how java is spread on most of devices including mobile and TV devices.

Java as Programming Language :

Java is high-level, object oriented programming language. It has following characteristics -

  • Object oriented
  • Simple
  • Robust
  • Architecture neutral
  • Portable
  • Secure
  • Distributed
  • High performance
  • Multithreaded
  • Dynamic

Java is compiled as well as interpreted. First java is compiled into intermediate code that is called bytecode. This code is platform independent. Bytecode is run by the Java Virtual Machine(JVM). JVM works as translator between your language and the OS and hardware.

Different operating systems contain their own JVM, so the same .class file can be run on different machine with different operating system. So you can say program written in java language is platform independent.

Java as a Platform :

In general, platform means hardware or software environment where you can run your program. Java works as software-only platform that is able to run on most of hardware platforms. Java platform contains Java- API and JVM. Java API provides collection of many ready-made components (classes and interfaces) that helps developer for creation of different kind of applications.

Java platform is introduced in following three version -

  1. Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)
  2. Java EE (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition)
  3. Java ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition)



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