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JavaScript Array Upper bound


The code explain a code from Array Upper bound in JavaScript. The code create a HTML Page JavaScript Array Upper bound. In this code we declare an variable array, that instantiate an array object. This array object hold the elements specified by array indexes[0]-[3].The for loop run and execute the script till the variable i is less than length of an array. The document. write  print the element of array.

array. length - 1  -  This return you the length one less than the defined array length

The document. write print the element at the specified  index.


        <title>JavaScript Array Upper bound</title>
        <h1>JavaScript Array Upper bound</h1>
            var array=new Array();
            document.write("<b>"+"Array is: "+"</b>"+"<br>");
            var j=array.length-1;
            document.write("<b>"+"Array Upper 
            bound index is : "
               "<b>"+"Element at this index is: 

Output of the program

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