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Map.Entry Java Interface

Sometimes you need to work with map entry. This can be done using Map.Entry Interface of Java.

Map.Entry Java Interface

Sometimes you need to work with map entry. This can be done using Map.Entry Interface of Java.

The Map interface's entrySet( ) method returns a set of map . These sets are called as Map.Entry object.

Methods of Map.Entry Interface

Methods Description
boolean equals(Object obj) Returns true, if Map.Entry object 's key -value
is equal to the calling object 
Object getKey( ) This method returns map entry's key.
Object getValue( ) This method returns map entry's value.
int hashCode( ) This method returns map entry's hash code.
Object setValue(Object v) This method sets the map entry's value to v.


Given below example shows you how you can set map entry's value :

import java.util.*;

public class MapEntryDemo {
public static void main(String arghs[]) {
HashMap hmp = new HashMap();
hmp.put("Neha", new Double(2424.34));
hmp.put("Niti", new Double(367.22));
hmp.put("Shivangi", new Double(4381.00));
hmp.put("Vinita", new Double(4761.22));
hmp.put("Sushmita", new Double(3904.08));
// Get a set of the entries
Set set = hmp.entrySet();
// Get an iterator
Iterator i = set.iterator();
// Display entries
while (i.hasNext()) {
Map.Entry me = (Map.Entry);
System.out.print(me.getKey() + ": ");
if (me.getKey().equals("Sushmita")) {
me.setValue((Double) me.getValue() + 1000.00);
System.out.println("Sushmita's new balance: " + me.getValue());


Neha: 2424.34

Sushmita: 3904.08

Sushmita's new balance: 4904.08

Shivangi: 4381.0

Vinita: 4761.22

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