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Forward Log Records to Its Parent


This section describes how to forward log records to its parent. You know that a logger sends both log records (messages declared before setting the log for it's parent and log messages after setting for it's parent) to handlers, parent or ancestor. See detailed information about this by the following paragraph.

Description of program:

Program creates a logger. Logger is set for the parent handling by setUseParentHandler(boolean value) method which is derived ahead. By default the parent handlers property is true and this provides facility to forward log records to its parent. But it resumes function when the property is false. Log records like: warning, info and severe etc that represents messages like: "Do something here!", "Here is available" and "Do severe here!".

Description of code:

log.setUseParentHandlers(boolean useparenthandlers):
This method takes boolean valued either true or false and sets into logger object. If you give true then logger sends messages to it's parent logger and log records written in its parent logger otherwise it doesn't display any message means does not forward to it's parent. 

Here is the code of program:

import java.util.logging.*;

public class ForwardLogRecords{
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Logger log = Logger.getLogger("Preventing a Logger from Forwarding Log Records 
to Its Parent"
    log.warning("Do something here!");
    log.info("Here is available");
    log.severe("Do severe here!");
    log.warning("Don't something here!");
    log.info("Here is no any information!");
    log.severe("Don't severe here!");

Download this example.


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