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Hibernate Select Clause

In this lesson we will write example code to select the data from Insurance table using Hibernate Select Clause.

Hibernate Select Clause


In this lesson we will write example code to select the data from Insurance table using Hibernate Select Clause. The select clause picks up objects and properties to return in the query result set. Here is the query:

Select insurance.lngInsuranceId, insurance.insuranceName, insurance.investementAmount, insurance.investementDate from Insurance insurance

which selects all the rows (insurance.lngInsuranceId, insurance.insuranceName, insurance.investementAmount, insurance.investementDate) from Insurance table.

Hibernate generates the necessary sql query and selects all the records from Insurance table. Here is the code of our java file which shows how select HQL can be used:

package roseindia.tutorial.hibernate;

import org.hibernate.Session;
import org.hibernate.*;
import org.hibernate.cfg.*;

import java.util.*;

 @author Deepak Kumar
 * HQL Select Clause Example
public class SelectClauseExample {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  Session session = null;

  // This step will read hibernate.cfg.xml 

and prepare hibernate for use
  SessionFactory sessionFactory = new 

  session =sessionFactory.openSession();
  //Create Select Clause HQL
 String SQL_QUERY ="Select insurance.


investementDate from Insurance insurance";
 Query query = session.createQuery(SQL_QUERY);
 for(Iterator it=query.iterate();it.hasNext();){
 Object[] row = (Object[]);
 System.out.println("ID: " + row[0]);
 System.out.println("Name: " + row[1]);
 System.out.println("Amount: " + row[2]);
  }catch(Exception e){

To run the example select Run-> Run As -> Java Application from the menu bar. Following out is displayed in the Eclipse console:

Hibernate: select insurance0_.ID as col_0_0_, insurance0_.insurance_name as col_1_0_, insurance0_.invested_amount as col_2_0_, insurance0_.investement_date as col_3_0_ from insurance insurance0_

ID: 1

Name: Car Insurance

Amount: 1000

ID: 2

Name: Life Insurance

Amount: 100

ID: 3

Name: Life Insurance

Amount: 500

ID: 4

Name: Car Insurance

Amount: 2500

ID: 5

Name: Dental Insurance

Amount: 500

ID: 6

Name: Life Insurance

Amount: 900

ID: 7

Name: Travel Insurance

Amount: 2000

ID: 8

Name: Travel Insurance

Amount: 600

ID: 9

Name: Medical Insurance

Amount: 700

ID: 10

Name: Medical Insurance

Amount: 900

ID: 11

Name: Home Insurance

Amount: 800

ID: 12

Name: Home Insurance

Amount: 750

ID: 13

Name: Motorcycle Insurance

Amount: 900

ID: 14

Name: Motorcycle Insurance

Amount: 780



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jayesh patil
November 30, 2011
table and class name

You have given a sql query "Select insurance.lngInsuranceId, insurance.insuranceName, insurance.investementAmount, insurance.investementDate from Insurance insurance" In this the last Insurance insurance what does it signify? Is it Class name and Table name respctively??
February 9, 2012
about hql Query

in hql query when i am iterating using the iterator it is saying that cannot convert int to int to Insurance.I have tried a lot but it is not comming.Here is the code of yours only.I am tring your example only in myeclipse....reply me soon String Sql_Query="Select,insurance.insurance_name," + "insurance.investement_amount,insurance.investment_date from Insurance insurance"; Query query=hsession.createQuery(Sql_Query); for(Iterator it=(Iterator)query.iterate();it.hasNext();) { Cannot convert int to Insurance(error) -> Insurance insurance=(Insurance); System.out.println("ID"+insurance.getId()); System.out.println("Name"+insurance.getInsuranceName()); }
Ramakrishna Brahma
August 30, 2012
class cast exception occurs

Object[] row=(Object[]); this line class cast exception occurs how to solve it
September 13, 2012
hibernate query

very good---------------
November 3, 2012
SessionFactory should be singleton

In case of web applications, the SessionFactory should be accessed in a singleton way, it can cause out-of-memory-error otherwise. Since the above program is a demo example, standalone and run once, it is fine. Take Care of this in real projects.