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Hibernate Caching

This tutorial contains description about Hibernate Caching.

Hibernate Caching

This tutorial contains description about Hibernate Caching.

Hibernate Caching :

In a typical application ,you perform lot of operations like instantiate objects, reuse object, load object from the database ,change-update object ant so on.
You repeat these process many times as your application run. For standalone application ,object availability is not a problem but when you talk about the multiuser application and web support situation it may create problem in handling multiple call of database.
Hibernate provides Caching concept to solve this problem. Caching is designed to reduces the amount of necessary database access.
It increases your application performance and works between your application and the database as it avoids the number of database hit as many as possible.
Caching is very important in Hibernate. Hibernate utilizes multilevel caching mechanism.

Types of Caching -

Hibernate provides different types of caches and all are used for different purpose -

Session Cache : First type cache is the Session Cache. It is Hibernate mandatory cache as all the requests pass through it. When you open new session ,object is pulled and cached by the current session.
It holds the object till you commit it to the database.

Query Cache : Second cache is called the query cache and it is optional. Using this cache ,Hibernate caches queries and their results in the event the application executes the same query again.
The query cache takes memory and it is useful for queries that run frequently with the same parameters.

Second-Level Cache : Third cache is called second-level cache and optional. It is called second-level because there is already one cache is operating in Hibernate at the time a session open.



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