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JAVA JAZZ UP - Free online Java magazine

Java Jazz Up Team is proud to offer a FREE online magazine on Java Technology, the most popular programming language.

JAVA JAZZ UP - Free online Java magazine


Our this issue contains:

 Java Jazz Up Issue 1 Index

  1. Java Around the Globe  
    Using Java means a better user experience .Yahoo! Go is a Java application which is downloaded onto the handset. It offers a wide range of applications, as well as browsing reformatted websites. Using a Java client means Yahoo! Go can offer a more interesting user interface, based around a carousel of application icons, and interact with locally-stored files and address-book entries, Java APIs permitting.
  2. Updated Releases  
    Flurry requires a Java-capable phone that can access the internet. Flurry officials say the service supports some 700 phone models worldwide, significantly more phones than services from Gmail and Yahoo can support. 
  3. API Updates 
    The Apache Project has released Struts 2.0.8 an open source framework for building web applications. Apache Struts 2 is an elegant, extensible framework. It uses Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) for creating enterprise-grade web applications. Earlier it was known as WebWork 2.
  4. Java Collections API
    Java is the essential ingredient of the digital experience for hundreds of millions of people in all walks of life, all over the planet.Java software powers the onboard computers in toys, cars, planes, rockets, and even the NASA Mars Rover.
  5. JSF- Java Server Faces
    It is a natural phenomenon to think about learning and adopting new technologies while there exists some well-established and popular ones. It is the scenario prevailing with web development landscape. 
  6. Eclipse IDE
    Generally, a java programmer starts programming with a notepad. To compile and run a program, a programmer uses javac and java commands at the command prompt window. Notepad doesn?t help a programmer to track the improper java syntax while programming. This makes programming a bit uncomfortable.
  7. Spring: An Introduction
    Spring is an open-source application framework, introduced and developed in 2004. The main ideas were suggested by an experienced J2EE architect, Rod Johnson. The Spring framework is a MVC Architecture for building Web applications. Its pluggable MVC architecture provides options for the developers to use the builtin Spring Web framework or an existing Web framework such as Struts, Saveria etc. 
  8. Design Pattern
    ?Pattern? word suggests a series of events occurring in a definite order.Many a times, you get an easy way to tackle a recurring problem (which has been faced earlier, by people frequently). This solving technique gradually becomes a pattern to tackle that particular problem. 
  9. Tomcat Server
    Tomcat is an open source web server developed by Apache Group. Apache Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are developed by Sun under the Java Community Process.
  10. Web Services
    A web service is a collection of protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications over the web. Web services enable applications written with different programming languages supported over varying platforms (different hardware, software, database, or network platforms) to exchange data, very conveniently.
  11. Shopping Cart
    Life has become so easy, no need to rush to the markets. Now shopping is just a click away. Well you got it right; we are talking about e-shopping carts.Software is used to create an online ?storefront,? or E-Commerce Web site. It acts as a virtual shopping cart, keeping track of the items that visitors have ordered and allowing them to add or remove items. When a visitor decides to ?check out? (purchase the items online) the software sends all order information to the merchant.  
  12. Reader?s Forum
    Welcome to the Java Jazz Up community (Readers Forum). Join us as a member of Java Jazz Up community and share your views. This forum is created to collect and disseminate information about Java.

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