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JAVA JAZZ UP - Free online Java magazine

JAVA JAZZ UP - Free online Java magazine

JAVA JAZZ UP - Free online Java magazine


Our this issue contains:

 Java Jazz Up Issue 3 Index

  1. Java Around the Globe  
    Sony Ericsson to provide new online testing service for Java ME application: ?Sony Ericsson Virtual Lab? will provide Java developers an online testing service to test and monitor Java applications on Sony Ericsson phones. This ill make the process quicker and cheaper than before.
  2. Updated Releases
    Spring Web Services 1.0 Released : Enhanced Features Interface21 has announced the release of Spring Web Services 1.0. With this new release, Java programmers can develop applications for Web services with the facilities of creation of contract-first, document driven Web services, delivering the flexibility, productivity and ease of use.
  3. Java Developer desk
    Internationalization is one of the key features of Java language, which makes a java application internationalized. In other words, Internationalization is the process of designing an application, which is able to adapt itself in different countries and regions without recompiling.
  4. JSF Tags: Tomahawk Tags
    Tomahawk tags are collection of standard components with extended functionality and many more extra set of components with rich set of functionality. If you are going to create a web application in JSF then Tomahawk will be a great weapon because it contains all the commonly used set of components with large options of functionalities. The best way to justify the above fact is exploring some examples of Tomahawk tags. Have a glance on some good tomahawk tags below.
  5. Building Projects: Maven2
    of the key features of Java language, which makes a java application internationalized. In other words, Internationalization is the process of designing an application, which is able to adapt itself in different countries and regions without recompiling.  
  6. Maven2 with JPA Example
    Download Maven2 from, unzipthe archive into your local directory. Here we are assuming that the local repository already exists.Set the JAVA_HOME variable to point to the JDK installation directory and MAVEN_HOME to point to the Maven directory and add the MAVEN_HOME/bin to the PATH environment variable. To test, whether the path has been set properly.
  7. DbTesting with DbUnit
    DbUnit is an open source Framework created by Manuel Laflamme. This is a powerful tool for simplifying Unit Testing of the database operations. It extends the popular JUnit test framework that puts the database into known state while the test executes. This strategy helps to avoid the problem that can occur when one test corrupts the database and causes subsequent test to fail. 
  8. Creational Design Patterns  
    Singleton Pattern: The singleton design pattern deals with one and only one instance of an object that encapsulates the control of the object from a common place. There are various ways of achieving this pattern.
  9. Web services with Lomboz
    Lomboz is an open source and free JEE development environment used for businesses and individual purposes. With Lomboz , one can develop, test, profile and deploy Web Services, Java, JEE and EJB applications. It provides comprehensive support for most of the JEE standard application server runtimes, and supports other vendor runtime environments too.
  10. Spring Framework
    Spring comes with a family of data access frameworks that integrates well will variety of data access technologies like JDBC, Java Data Objects and Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools like Hibernate, OJB, iBatis etc.,
  11. Web 3.0   
    Web 3.0 is a term, which definition is not confirmed or defined so far as several experts have given several meaning, which do not match to each other, but sometimes it is referred to as a Semantic Web. In the context of Semantic Web, Web 3.0 is an evolving extension of the World Wide Web in which web content can be expressed not only in natural language, but also in a form that can be understood, interpreted and used by software agents, thus permitting them to find, share and integrate information more easily. 
  12. Tips ?n? Tricks
    Download files data from many URLs and save them to the local files in the directory of your choice: This Java program lets you download files from one or more URLs and save them in the directory where you want. This program takes destination directory for the files to save as first command line argument and URLs for the files as next command line arguments separated by space..
  13. Advertise with JavaJazzUp
    We are the top most providers of technology stuffs to the java community. Our technology portal network is providing standard tutorials, articles, news and reviews on the Java technologies to the industrial technocrats. Our network is getting around 3 million hits per month and its increasing with a great pace.
  14. Valued Java Jazz Up Readers Community
    We invite you to post Java-technology oriented stuff. It would be our pleasure to give space to your posts in Java Jazz up.Contribute to Reader?s Forum If there?s something you?re curious about, we?re confident that your curiosity, combined with the knowledge of other participants, will be enough to generate a useful and exciting Reader?s Forum. If there?s a topic you feel needs to be discussed at Java Jazz up, it?s up to you to get it discussed.


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