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Google Android

Android is an open platform consisting of an operating system, middleware and powerful applications for all types of mobile devices.

Google Android


Android is an open platform consisting of an operating system, middleware and powerful applications for all types of mobile devices. The revolutionary Android platform has been developed by leading technology and mobile companies like Google, T-Mobile, Intel, HTC, Qualcomm and others under the banner of Open Handset Alliance to provide a novel and reliable platform on which new mobile services can be quickly developed and provided to the end users.

  1. Introducing Android
    Android is an open-source platform developed under the Open Handset Alliance to enable faster development of mobile applications and provision of services to the user.
  2. Android Application Development
    Android is the newest big-ticket entrant in the crowded mobile OS market, developed by Google and 30 other companies under the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).

Android platform is used by developers to develop applications for Android enabled mobile phones, Palmtop, Android Laptops and embedded devices. Various types of applications can be developed using Android platform such as Games, Music applications, Enterprise applications, Augmented reality applications, weather applications.

Android supports SQLite database which can be used to develop the database applications. So, you can even use this database for storing the data accepted by user application from user. You can even run SQL to search the database data. Android platform provides tremendous opportunity for the developers to create high class application for their client.

  1. Google Android Phone
    Just to clear the air, Android is not a mobile phone but rather, an operating system for mobile devices developed by Google and other mobile and technology companies.
  2. Android Market
    Just like Apple has its iPhone Store for downloading thousands of applications and great games among other things, Google has launched its own Android Market for distributing and downloading applications for mobiles that run on its Android OS.
  3. Android Phones for 2009
    While the first Android phone the T-Mobile G1 didn't create the same amount of buzz as the iPhone, the future does seem to be bright for Android in 2009.
  4. Top Android Applications
    Since its launch in September 2008 Google Android has become a popular mobile application platform.
  5. Google Android G1 vs Apple iPhone 3G
    The iPhone 3G and the Android-powered Google G1 are both extraordinary smartphones that have similar capabilities although built on completely different platforms.
  6. Android Gaming
    Android the open source mobile platform launched by the Open Handset Alliance in 2008 promises a whole lot of handy applications to the end user and high quality gaming experience is one important aspect of this.
  7. Google Android Emulator
    If you want to test, run and debug your Android apps without using a physical Android based mobile then you just need the Android Emulator for your needs.
  8. Google Android FAQ
    Android is the mobile phone platform consisting of an OS, web browser and key applications developed by Google and other companies under the aegis of the Open Handset Alliance.
  9. Android Unknown Facts
    Android is the latest mobile OS to hit the market with lots of amazing features and promoted by a group of more than 30 renowned companies led by no less than Google itself. Still are you aware of all the Android facts other than its cute logo and geek name, probably not.


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April 27, 2011
Very good Android tutorial

Hi, This very good tutorial on Android. Thanks