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Google Android G1 vs Apple iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G and the Android-powered Google G1 are both extraordinary smartphones that have similar capabilities although built on completely different platforms.

Google Android G1 vs Apple iPhone 3G


The iPhone 3G and the Android-powered Google G1 are both extraordinary smartphones that have similar capabilities although built on completely different platforms. Although the iPhone 3G has done pretty well and become quite a craze the T-Mobile G1 also received its fair share of publicity. But what we are really interested is how the two of them match up head to head when compared on different benchmarks such as design, features, call quality, web browsing and multimedia.

T-Mobile G1 vs iPhone 3G Design Comparison:

For some people design and looks are all that matter when they shop for a phone, hence this is our first stop over.

Although the G1 sports a full QWERTY keyboard the design is basically bulky and also clunky to some. Also it does not fit into the pocket easily, whereas the iPhone is sleek and the superb multi touch screen more than makes up for a non-existent QWERTY keyboard. It fits snugly in your palm and also the pocket. So the iPhone looks like a clear winner in the looks department.

Android Google G1 vs Apple iPhone 3G: Navigation Comparison

After the design test is over we come to the more serious part of comparing the G1's and iPhone 3G's navigation friendliness.

Although the G1 features fully customisable controls and a QWERT keyboard for easy navigation the iPhone still features easier control and navigation on its button-less and physical keyboard-less design. Simply put out of the two smartphones the iPhone is slightly better when it comes to easy navigation and control.

Google G1 vs iPhone 3G Comparison: Features

If the iPhone won the earlier two rounds the features comparison promises to be a close call. The Google G1 has the missing features of the iPhone, like MMS messaging and voice dialling. Also the iPhone 3G doesn't permit copy/paste functions, which could be troublesome for some. Thankfully the Android G1 doesn't have any such shortcomings. Other than these, the two smartphones are more or less evenly matched on all other features. The only thing is that the G1 presently lacks in the truly amazing number of apps available for the iPhone 3G but this gap would be bridged eventually as the Android development market hots up.

G1 Android vs Apple iPhone 3G Comparison: Web Browsing and Multimedia

The iPhone with its supers Safari web browser offers top notch browsing experience not to mention the integrated iPod for streaming music and videos. While the Android G1 phone allows music download from Amazon it doesn't quite match up to the iPhone, also its web browsing experience isn't nearly as smooth as the iPhone's. Last but not the least the iPhone offers far better video quality the G1. The G1 has some ground to cover when it comes to these important criterions.

Call Quality Comparison: G1 vs iPhone 3G

Of what use is a smartphone if it cannot offer crystal clear sound quality, the basic function expected of any phone and not just a smartphone. Fortunately neither the T-Mobile G1 nor the iPhone 3G disappoint on this count. The sound quality is sharp with minor hiccups and background noise on both the phones.

So here we have the comparison of the iPhone 3G with the Google Android G1. Both have their own relative strengths and weaknesses with the iPhone slightly better on most criteria's than the G1.


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