struts- login problem



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Sanjay Devikar
struts- login problem
0 Answer(s)      9 years ago
Posted in : Struts

Hi all, I am a java developer, I am facing problems with the login application. The application's login page contains fields like username, password and a login button. With this functionality only

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struts- login problem  Hi all, I am a java developer, I am facing problems with the login application. The application's login page contains fields like username, password and a login button. With this functionality only
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(); System.out.println(conn); //Code to generate new sheet i.e login time IS NULL...(); //Code to open existing sheet i.e if login time != NULL... problem its urgent i dont know wht is exact primary key and foriegn key indicate
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in the browser having the example of handling the error in struts 2. http... information on Struts 2 visit to :
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