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Real Time & Passive Vehicle Tracking System

GPS tracking systems are generally of two categories and are categorized according to their functions.

Real Time & Passive Vehicle Tracking System


GPS tracking systems are generally of two categories and are categorized according to their functions. One is real time vehicle tracking system and other is passive vehicle tracking system. The former one is little more costly than the later with some additional technological features that provide instant data transformation. But both are useful in providing accurate location reports. The difference is only the message delivery time but as far as other features are concerned both can provide software and mapping solution to make different devices for several application.

Real time tracking Devices - Real time tracking devices are also known as active tracker and it has the ability to track a vehicle or any other object in the real time. It allows trackers to locate a particular object or collect the positioning data and then sends that data to the end user at the very moment with the help of cellular phone network.

Real time tracking devices allows the user to locate the tracking object moves around a map. The data sent by the tracking devices are not only used to determine the location but also can be used in analyzing speed, position, and also can alert you in certain predefined circumstances.

Users can request live information at any point of time and even all data can be accessed through Internet. As it requires Internet connection, the user has to pay a monthly fee.

Passive Tracking Devices – On like active devices, these tracking devices collect data and stored them in an internal memory. When the device is collected and fitted into a computer the tracking data is downloaded to analyze.

These are only limited only to vehicle tracking and these devices are installed in a vehicle, and the location, time, velocity are stored in the unit and later transferred to a handheld device after the vehicle returns at the end of the journey. The main advantage of this kind of system that it doesn’t require any monthly charges and so provides cost effective solution.

This is best for customers who don’t want immediate data about the vehicle location but want to make a proper management in terms of vehicle management. It only requires a one-time investment for a reporting (tracking) software and digital mapping program. Some passive tracking devices have a wireless connection to automatically transfer data from the vehicle device to the base station computer when it returns.



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