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GPS Tracking Systems

Global Positioning System usually called GPS is the satellite navigation system that functions with the help of 27 Earth orbiting GPS satellites.

GPS Tracking Systems


Global Positioning System usually called GPS is the satellite navigation system that functions with the help of 27 Earth orbiting GPS satellites. Out of these 27, now 24 are offering services and 3 extras in case one fails. These satellites receive and transmit any radio signals for the GPS receiver on the earth. This provides accurate geographical location of the receiver with longitude, latitude and altitude. Now GPS system is one major global utility for modern navigation on land, air and sea. It also helps in locating or determining a basic position, tracking, mapping and providing precise timing.

GPS tracking system is method to locate the exact location of a receiver (tracking unit) on the earth. GPS tracking unit is the device that uses the GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine the exact location of a vehicle, person, or any other asset to which it is attached. The device records the position of the data at regular intervals or it may transmit the information to a database or an Internet connected computer by using cellular GPRS or a satellite modem affixed in the unit. Then the recorded location data is displaced on a map with the help of GPS tracking software.

The tracking system was earlier used only for military purpose but it has been used in various ways including boaters, outdoorsmen, police, wildlife monitoring but predominantly by motor vehicle drivers. The GPS vehicle navigation system is now widely used in all over the world for determining the location of a vehicle by using satellite navigation devices. The device calculates the navigation information in almost all places.

Generally there are two types of GPS tracking systems: passive tracking system and real-time system. Passive tracking system records every location the receiver comes across and that can be later downloaded on the computer by using GPS tracking software. But the Real-time system assists in determining the exact location at any point of time via Internet.

Mechanism: The receiver or tracking unit attached inside the vehicle receives signals from the tracking unit to calculate its co-ordinate of the geographic location. The receiver then transmits these inputs to an operational center through radio signal. Finally the information is processed in the center and passed on to you via Internet. By using mapping software one can see the current location of the receiver on the computer screen any where in the world.




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