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Google maps GPS tracking

Now you can pinpoint your position with the aid of Google map that is now topped with GPS tracking services.

Now you can pinpoint your position with the aid of Google map that is now topped with GPS tracking services. Global Positioning System, which is widely in use and is comes equipped in almost all cars and automobiles, has now been enabled on Google maps.

Recently released GE 4 Beta (December 16) has a compatible GPS that can show your position. Simply turning on an option under the "Tools - GPS - Real time", and it will locate you with a little blue dot in the middle of the map. This icon represents your current location and will indicate you exactly where you are in the map.

Google did this because GPS enabled phone are being used by a very limited percentage of Google Mobile users. This limits the user, henceforth you see a GPS Tracking in Google Maps.

Though if a person has GPS on his mobile, he will find the accuracy of Google Maps phenomenal. Satellite triangulation is used by GPS enabled phone or Smartphone in locating the current location of a device or a person. Google Maps does this the moment you start up the application on your cell phone

Most of the cell phone today comes loaded with Google Map and GPS technology, specially the smart phone. But the problem with the GPS technology is that you have to pay for getting the information. But like search engine, Google has given this facility for free too. Though the position of cell phones not having GPS cannot be pinpointed, position showed is in 100-meter range.

But if you don?t have GPS on your phone, there is no need to get upset any more. The GPS tracker in the Google map can be used to triangulate your position. It does this using the three closest cell towers and then brings forth the position whose results are almost accurate.

GPS technology offers any cell phone user, irrespective of GPS functionality, the ability to pin point your current location.



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GPS Tracking

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