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Java BigDecimal longValue example


Java bigdecimal class longValue() method transforms bigdecimal value exactly in to long type values. Method throws NumberFormatException if it finds a String bigdecimal  value instead of a integer or double value. In the example four bigdecimal  class objects namely: risk_0, risk_1, risk_2 & risk_3 respectively  have been created.

In the example along with method generated result, original bigdecimal  value is also shown.

Syntax for using the method: public long longValue()
long ln = (this.object).longValue();


import java.math.BigDecimal;
import java.math.MathContext;

public class Java_BigDecimal_longValue {
  public static void main(String args[]) {

    BigDecimal risk_0 = new BigDecimal(9.005440000),
    risk_1 = new BigDecimal(73.00654000),
    risk_2 = new BigDecimal(825.05455000),
    risk_3 = new BigDecimal(-52.0000058555);

    BigDecimal ln[] risk_0, risk_1, risk_2,
        risk_3 };
    System.out.println("BigDecimal objects values" +
        " \n'risk_0 '\nvalue : "
        + ln[0"\nlong value : " 

    System.out.println("\n'risk_1 '\nvalue : " + ln[1]
            "\nlong value : "
        + ln[1].longValue());

    System.out.println("\n'risk_2 '\nvalue : " + ln[2]
            "\nlong value : "
        + ln[2].longValue());

    System.out.println("\n'risk_3 '\nvalue : " + ln[3]
            "\nlong value : "
        + ln[3].longValue());

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