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Determining if a File or Directory exist

In this section, you will learn how to determine a file or directory exit or not.

Determining if a File or Directory Exist


This is a very simple problem. You just have to determine whether a file or directory exists or not. If it exists it returns true otherwise in the else condition, it retunes vice-versa.

The following program creates an object of File class and checks whether the given file exists or not by using exists() method of the class.

We have used following methods:

exists(): It checks whether the file or directory denoted by this pathname exists or not.

Here is the video tutorial of "How to check if a folder exists in Java?":

Code of this program is given below:


public class FileOrDirectoryExists{
  public static void main(String args[]){
  File file=new File("Any file name or 
   directory whether exists or not"
  boolean exists = file.exists();
  if (!exists) {
  // It returns false if File or directory does not exist
  System.out.println("the file or directory 
  you are searching does not exist : " 
+ exists);
  // It returns true if File or directory exists
  System.out.println("the file or 
  directory you are searching does exist : " 
+ exists);

The output of the program is given below:

C:\java>java FileOrDirectoryExists
the file or directory you are searching does not exist : false

Download this example:


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June 10, 2011
misleading comments

does not exist : false should be does not exist : true since it doesn't exist
June 13, 2013

It's a reielf to find someone who can explain things so well
September 7, 2011
method not found

I am trying to use this example about checking if a file exists. It seems like my compiler is not finding the method 'exists()' since it is asking me to create a class with the same name. Thank you.
March 4, 2012
Thanks for your post: true

if (!exists) { System.out.println("the file or directory you are searching does exist : " + exists); does exists? FALSE mens not exists } else { System.out.println("the file or directory you are searching does exist : " + exists); does exists? TRUE mens exists it's about logic, as i know when you code on java you need to write it like a book :D but thanks for your post Helped me a lot. i'm now on Java courses!
crystal x
May 18, 2012
gui implementation

could you give me example how to implementationon Java GUI?