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Comparing the File Dates

This java example will help you to compare the dates of files. In java we have the option to compare two or more files.

Comparing the File Dates


This java example will help you to compare the dates of files. In java we have the option to compare two or more files. This is useful when we have to compare the files. Mostly it happens that after creating a file or a directory we forgets when it was made or last modified, and sometimes it becomes essential to know the exact date and time of creation. By this example you will be able to understand it. 

To  make a program on this example firstly we have to make a class ComparingFileDates. Inside the class we have defined three static variables, which will be used for comparing the files. Declare a method comparing which will check when the  file is last modified  and which file is older or a new one. Now call the main method. Inside this method make a two objects of a File class which will take file name as its input in the constructor of File class. Now call the method lastModified by the instances of file classes which will return the time of the file creation. Now call the comparing method inside the main method and the result will be displayed to you.

In this program we have used the following classes and methods.

File: This class extends class Object and implements Comparable and Serializable interface. It takes the file as its input.

lastModified(): It is a method of a File class. It returns the time when the file was last modified.


public class ComparingFileDates {
 static String compare;
 static long modify1;
 static long modify2;
 static void comparing(){
  //String compare;
  if (modify1 == modify2)
  compare = " are created at the same time along with";
  else if (modify1 < modify2)
  compare = " file is older than ";
  compare = "file is newer than"
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  File file1 = new File(args[0]);
  File file2 = new File(args[1]);
     modify1 = file1.lastModified();
  modify2 = file2.lastModified();
  System.out.println(file1 +  compare + ' ' + file2);

Output of the program is given below.

C:\java>java ComparingFileDates   file1.txt   file2.txt
file1.txt   file is older than   file2.txt


Download this program.


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Posted on: June 11, 2007

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