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J2EE Interviews Question page3,J2EE Interviews Guide,J2EE Interviews

This page discusses - J2EE Interviews Question page3,J2EE Interviews Guide,J2EE Interviews

J2EE Interviews Question page3


  1. What is cascade delete ?
    A deletion that triggers another deletion. A cascade delete can be specified for an entity bean that has container-managed persistence.
  2. What is CDATA ?
    A predefined XML tag for character data that means "don't interpret these characters," as opposed to parsed character data (PCDATA), in which the normal rules of XML syntax apply. CDATA sections are typically used to show examples of XML syntax.
  3. What is certificate authority ?
    A trusted organization that issues public key certificates and provides identification to the bearer.
  4. What is client-certificate authentication ?
    An authentication mechanism that uses HTTP over SSL, in which the server and, optionally, the client authenticate each other with a public key certificate that conforms to a standard that is defined by X.509 Public Key Infrastructure.
  5. What is comment ?
    In an XML document, text that is ignored unless the parser is specifically told to recognize it.
  6. What is commit ?
    The point in a transaction when all updates to any resources involved in the transaction are made permanent.
  7. What is component contract ?
    The contract between a J2EE component and its container. The contract includes life-cycle management of the component, a context interface that the instance uses to obtain various information and services from its container, and a list of services that every container must provide for its components.
  8. What is component-managed sign-on ?
    A mechanism whereby security information needed for signing on to a resource is provided by an application component.
  9. What is connector ?
    A standard extension mechanism for containers that provides connectivity to enterprise information systems. A connector is specific to an enterprise information system and consists of a resource adapter and application development tools for enterprise information system connectivity. The resource adapter is plugged in to a container through its support for system-level contracts defined in the Connector architecture.
  10. What is container-managed persistence ?
    The mechanism whereby data transfer between an entity bean's variables and a resource manager is managed by the entity bean's container.
  11. What is container-managed sign-on ?
    The mechanism whereby security information needed for signing on to a resource is supplied by the container.
  12. What is container-managed transaction ?
    A transaction whose boundaries are defined by an EJB container. An entity bean must use container-managed transactions.
  13. What is content ?
    In an XML document, the part that occurs after the prolog, including the root element and everything it contains.
  14. What is context attribute ?
    An object bound into the context associated with a servlet.
  15. What is context root ?
    A name that gets mapped to the document root of a Web application.
  16. What is conversational state ?
    The field values of a session bean plus the transitive closure of the objects reachable from the bean's fields. The transitive closure of a bean is defined in terms of the serialization protocol for the Java programming language, that is, the fields that would be stored by serializing the bean instance.
  17. What is CORBA ?
    Common Object Request Broker Architecture. A language-independent distributed object model specified by the OMG.
  18. What is create method ?
    A method defined in the Interview Questions - Home interface and invoked by a client to create an enterprise bean.
  19. What is credentials ?
    The information describing the security attributes of a principal.
  20. What is CSS ?
    Cascading style sheet. A stylesheet used with HTML and XML documents to add a style to all elements marked with a particular tag, for the direction of browsers or other presentation mechanisms.
  21. What is CTS ?
    A: Compatibility test suite. A suite of compatibility tests for verifying that a J2EE product complies with the J2EE platform specification.


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