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J2EE Interviews Question page11,J2EE Interviews Guide,J2EE Interviews

This page discusses - J2EE Interviews Question page11,J2EE Interviews Guide,J2EE Interviews

J2EE Interviews Question page11


  1. What is JavaServer Faces navigation model ?
    A mechanism for defining the sequence in which pages in a JavaServer Faces application are displayed.
  2. What is JavaServer Faces UI component ?
    A user interface control that outputs data to a client or allows a user to input data to a JavaServer Faces application.
  3. What is JavaServer Faces UI component class ?
    A JavaServer Faces class that defines the behavior and properties of a JavaServer Faces UI component.
  4. What is JavaServer Faces validation model ?
    A mechanism for validating the data a user inputs to a JavaServer Faces UI component.
  5. What is JavaServer Pages (JSP) ?
    An extensible Web technology that uses static data, JSP elements, and server-side Java objects to generate dynamic content for a client. Typically the static data is HTML or XML elements, and in many cases the client is a Web browser.
  6. What is JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) ?
    A tag library that encapsulates core functionality common to many JSP applications. JSTL has support for common, structural tasks such as iteration and conditionals, tags for manipulating XML documents, internationalization and locale-specific formatting tags, SQL tags, and functions.
  7. What is JAXR client ?
    A client program that uses the JAXR API to access a business registry via a JAXR provider.
  8. What is JAXR provider ?
    An implementation of the JAXR API that provides access to a specific registry provider or to a class of registry providers that are based on a common specification.
  9. What is JDBC ?
    An JDBC for database-independent connectivity between the J2EE platform and a wide range of data sources.
  10. What is JMS ?
    Java Message Service.
  11. What is JMS administered object ?
    A preconfigured JMS object (a resource manager connection factory or a destination) created by an administrator for the use of JMS clients and placed in a JNDI namespace.
  12. What is JMS application ?
    One or more JMS clients that exchange messages.


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Discuss: J2EE Interviews Question page11,J2EE Interviews Guide,J2EE Interviews  

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