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Java Download

In this section, you will learn about java download. Before downloading it you should know about java

Java Download


In this section, you will learn about java download. Before downloading it you should know about java.
What is Java?
Java is an object oriented programming language similar to C++. This programming language is evolved from a language named Oak. Oak was developed in the early nineties at Sun Microsystems as a platform-independent language aimed at allowing entertainment appliances such as video game consoles and VCRs to communicate . 

Oak was first slated to appear in television set-top boxes designed to provide video-on-demand services. Oak was unsuccessful so in 1995 Sun modified the language to take advantage of the burgeoning World Wide Web and changed the name to Java.

Java source code files are compiled into a format called byte code, which can then be executed by a Java interpreter.
Download Java why?

Java allows to play online games, chat around the world and 3D images. Java makes these types of applications accessible from the browser that is called an applets. Java is used in cell phones, automobiles, Mars Rover and other places. Download it in your computer and run it.

Download and Install Java
To compile and run a java program we need to install java platform. JDK (Java Development Kit). JDK is the basic set of tools required to compile and run java programs

For Downloading and installing procedure of Java click on the link:


The above link provides link to download JDK and steps for installing it.




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April 18, 2012
java for net connectivity

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