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Java Glossary Term - D

java.text.DecimalFormat is the class that is used for converting the decimal numbers into Strings.

Java Glossary Term - D


  1. DecimalFormat
    java.text.DecimalFormat is the class that is used for converting the decimal numbers into Strings. This class is also used for parsing the Strings back in to binary numbers. It works with a String pattern to describe the format of a number. This class is used with doubles, floats, longs and ints. DecimalFormat automatically rounds off  to the number of decimal places.
  2. do while loop
    In java a do while loop is a control flow statement that allows a certain code to be executed repeatedly based on a given condition. This loop is used in java in those conditions when some statements and processes should execute at least once.
  3. Java Data Types
    Java programming language stats that all the variables must be declared first and then to be used. Java support eight types of primitive data types.
  4. Java Development
    Java development can be categorized in three part according to the three flavours of Java Technology. 
  5. Java Development Kit
    Java Development Kit
    (JDK) is a product developed by Sun MicroSystem aimed at Java developers. Since the Java is introduced, it has been by far the most widely used Java SDK. Here are the tools that are included in Java Development Kit.
  6. Java Download
    In this section, you will learn about java download. Before downloading it you should know about java.
  7. Document Type Definition
    Document Type Definition (DTD), defined in XML and SGML specifications is slightly different. SGML is the language from which XML was derived. Document type definition is one of several SGML and XML schema languages therefore the term used to describe a document or portion is authored in the DTD language.
  8. Deployment Descriptor
    In the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, a deployment descriptor contains information about a web application or enterprise application and also includes the information about how the application should be deployed.
  9. Directive Tags
    The directive tag provides additional information to the JSP Engine regarding the jsp page. JSP directives change the way JSP Engine processes the page. Directive tag allows the user to import packages, define error handling pages or session information of JSP page.
  10. RequestDispatcher
    RequestDispatcher class is mainly used to 'pass on' the current request to another program (servlet) and therefore allows 'chaining' of the programs.
  11. The do Keyword
    Keywords are special symbols in the Java programming language, which are reserved for a Java program.  
  12. The double Keyword
    The double is a Java keyword that may not be used as identifiers i.e. you cannot declare a variable or class with this name in your Java program. It is used to declare a variable, an expression or a method return value of type double-precision floating-point number.



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