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Tracklipse for Track+ Issue Tracker


Tracklipse is a plugin for the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment. Tracklipse provides a nice user interface to a Track+ server.

Tracklipse is provided as open source under the GNU General Public License. You have to have access to a Track+ server release 3.3.1 or later to use Tracklipse.


To run Tracklipse you need

  1. Eclipse IDE 3.1 or later on your computer
  2. Track+ 3.3.1 or later somewhere
  3. A user account on that Track+ server
  4. Tracklipse plugin (this is what you get here)

This is the first public release. It has been tested extensively and provides all functionality regularly used with the exception of time and effort tracking.


The plugin consists of a single JAR file. To install Tracklipse, drop this file into the Eclipse "plugins" folder (underneath where the eclipse.exe is located).


Click here to download: http://www.trackplus.com/products/tracklipse.html


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