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# HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit The HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP) vXML Developer Toolkit transforms Eclipse into a fully-functional VoiceXML development environment, seamlessly integrated with HP OCMP VoiceXML SDK's capabilities.



  1. HP OCMP vXML developer toolkit  
    The HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP) vXML Developer Toolkit transforms Eclipse into a fully-functional VoiceXML development environment, seamlessly integrated with HP OCMP VoiceXML SDK's capabilities.
  2. ILOG Business Rule Studio
    ILOG Business Rule Studio is a complete business rule authoring, testing and debugging environment for Eclipse. BR Studio is free and minimizes training costs, making it an ideal choice for development or academic use.
  3. Yoxos Eclipse Distribution
    Yoxos is a product family offering developers and companies the biggest choice of Eclipse enhancements available in the market - tested, checked for compatibility and frequently updated
  4. Hibernate Tools  
    The Hibernate tools has a set of views and wizards to help during Hibernate development.
  5. SCORE Mixed Language Development System 
    The SCORE real-time Ada development environment for VxWorks offers a solution for developers of software where the combination of Ada's safety critical features and VxWorks RTOS capability is required.
  6. JBossIDE for Eclipse
    JBossIDE is the defacto development environment for any and all JBoss-centric development.
  7. EasyEclipse Expert Java
    EasyEclipse Expert Java is a bare-bones Eclipse distro for experienced Java developers who are new to Eclipse and is all you need to start developing Java code with Eclipse.
  8. EasyEclipse Desktop Java
    EasyEclipse Desktop Java is an Eclipse distro for development of desktop Java GUI applications with Swing or SWT. It contains all you need to start developing with Eclipse.
  9. EasyEclipse Server Java 
    EasyEclipse Desktop Java is an Eclipse distro for development of server-side Java applications based on Servlets, JavaServer Pages, EJBs, Web Services and popular open source frameworks.
  10. IBM Rational Software Architect
    IBM Rational Software Architect is an advanced model-driven development and static analysis tool for software architects and model-driven developers who are creating (SOA), J2EE and portal applications. 
  11. IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
    IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software helps developers quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile, and deploy high-quality Web, SOA, Java, J2EE, and portal applications.
  12. PDT - PHP Development Tools 
    The PDT project is working towards providing a PHP Development Tool framework for the Eclipse platform.
  13. WebLogic Server Tools for Eclipse 3.3  
    BEA WebLogic Server Tools is a set of plugins for the Eclipse IDE designed to help develop, deploy and debug applications for BEA WebLogic Server.
  14. eSpell 
    Generic spell checker plug-in for the Eclipse platform. Includes special purpose spell checkers for Java, JavaScript, JavaProperties, C++, C, XML, HTML, JSP, and PHP.
  15. PHPeclipse
    Adds PHP/HTML/SQL support to Eclipse.�Features are PHP parser, debugger, code formatter, outline view, templates...
  16. Lemo Cobol Development Tool
    Powerful modern IDE for COBOL programmers. It is intagrated with Microfocus, IBM, RM, Fujitsu COBOL compiler. Debugger, Syntax analyzer, source browser, content assistant, refactoring helps you increasing your performance and quality. 
  17. eva/3 Release 3.0 Multi-platform - v1.4.45
    eva/3 Application Builder assumes responsibility for the design of forms and reports via an integrated GUI Builder, the execution of procedures and the handling of diverse relational SQL databases through JDBC interface--
  18. Perfection 
    Perfection is an Eclipse plugin for the specialist language known as P4, used in the financial industry. Features include: - P4 perspective with outline viewer - Accurate and configurable syntax highlighting - Content assist for P4 functions and database fields -
  19. Photran, an eclipse plugin for Fortran developemen 
    Photran is a Fortran IDE for Eclipse. It includes: - A Fortran 95 parser. - A keyword-highlighting Fortran editor. - Outline view. - CVS support. - Debugging via a GUI interface to gdb. - Makefile-based compilation (compiler independence). - Manged make support. - Error extraction for several popular Fortran compilers.
  20. JarPlug  
    JarPlug is a Java Archive editor plugin for Eclipse 3.0. JarPlug adds an archive editing view to your Eclipse perspectives, and allows the individual entries in the archive to be edited or deleted before doing an update.
  21. TruStudio Foundation
    PHP and Python IDE built on top of the Eclipse Platform. It inherits a comprehensive set of Eclipse editing, debugging and deployment tools and introduces new features for PHP and Python developers. It supports debugging over DBGp, including Xdebug for PHP.
  22. GotoFile
    GotoFile is an incredibly useful little quicksearch box that will allow you to instantly open any file in your workspace. It will match on filenames, partial filenames, you can even enter any characters that occur in the same sequence in the filename.
  23. SWeDE: kSemantic Web Development Environment 
    SWeDE 2.0.1 has been released! This version provides compatibility with Eclipse 3.1 and various fixes and updates to improve the overall usability and stability of SWeDE. Please download and try it for yourself. SWeDE 2.0 was released on June 2.
  24. Sunshade 
    The Sunshade project is an umbrella project for a number of small eclipse enhancements that I have written to make my life easier. Plugins included: bsf: Associate scripts (defaults to javacript) with keybindings and launch variables
  25. JarLaunch
    JarLaunch provides the ability to run or debug an executable Jar file from the explorer context menu.
  26. Cougaar IDE
    CougaarIDE -- An Integrated Development Environment for Cougaar
    . CougaarIDE is being developed by Cougaar Software Inc., to support developers interested in using Cougaar.




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