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ILOG Business Rule Studio


ILOG JRules Rule Studio is an Eclipse-based development environment for the development of rule applications. It allows integrated co-editing and debugging of Java code and rules.

Rule Studio supports deploying and debugging rulesets to Rule Execution Server and enables collaboration with business rule authors through integration with Rule Team Server. In addition, with JRules users can write and manage rules using the full features of JRules while deploying the rules for execution to a native .NET engine.

Rule development has never been so fast, simple and easy
With Rule Studio, developers benefit from a short learning curve and best-of-class power and efficiency of rule application development.

Features include:

  1. Eclipse integration
  2. Auto correction in rule editing
  3. Code generation wizards
  4. A single interface repository
  5. Source code control integration
  6. Conflict and redundancy detection
  7. Easy deployment

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