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Exp.4 Write any C++ programs to demonstrate multiple inheritance concept of an object oriented programming.
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(Aim:- The main aim of this experiment is reusability of code and getting idea about classifying objects , identifying specific and generic objects and creating hierarchy between objects ). Objective: Student will get awareness to create relationship between objects.


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October 31, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Here is a code that demonstrates you the concept of multiple inheritance.


class student
       int rno,m1,m2;
                void get()
                            cout<<"Enter the Roll no :";
                            cout<<"Enter the two marks   :";
class sports
       int sm;                   
                void getsm()
                 cout<<"\nEnter the sports mark :";

class statement:public student,public sports
    int tot,avg;
    void display()
                 cout<<"\n\n\tRoll No    : "<<rno<<"\n\tTotal      : "<<tot;
               cout<<"\n\tAverage    : "<<avg;
void main()
   statement obj;

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