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create a class names pizza data fields include a String for toppings such as pepperoni and inteager for diameter in inches 12" abd a diuble ofor price such as 13.99 include methods to get and set values for each for these fields


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August 29, 2011 at 2:51 PM

public class Pizza{
   private int size;
   private String toppings;
   private  double price;

   public Pizza(){

    public void setSize(int size)
        this.size = size;
    public void setToppings(String toppings)
        this.toppings = toppings;
     public void setPrice(double price)
        this.price = price;

    public int getSize()
        return this.size;

    public String getToppings()
        return this.toppings;

    public  double getPrice()
        return price;

   public static void main(String []args){ 
       Pizza p=new Pizza();

        System.out.println("Size: " + p.getSize()+" inches");
        System.out.println("Toppings: " + p.getToppings());
        System.out.println("Price: " + p.getPrice());

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