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This implementation has its focus on building an AJAX Engine and Web Controls upon standard WebServices (SOAP, WSDL) on the web server instead of using a new or proprietary protocol. The benefit for that is that there is no special coding necessary for most parts of the networking infrastructure and that many aspects like caching and security of the WebService implementation can be reused.


  • Use AJAX with Web Services.
  • Built upon JavaScript client proxy methods for standard web services. (Just call a regular JavaScript method to call a method on the server).
  • Standard SOAP and WSDL is reused for the communication between client and server.
  • No need for special implementations in WebServices.
  • Multiple types, Arrays and XML objects are supported as parameters and return values.
  • Caching on the client and server.
  • Queuing actions.
  • Delaying actions.
  • Many AJAX Controls available that integrate in standard ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • Supporting ASP.NET 2.0.
  • Full source code available.

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