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What is Environmental Resource Management?
Posted on: May 12, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Environment is the subject of gravest human concern and controversies all over the world. What is environmental resource management and the career options in Environmental resources Management(ERM). The Environmental resources are significant for all types of natural living hood and modern civilized living of human being.

Environment is the subject of gravest human concern and controversies all over the world. For the past few decades we have seen many great changes to take place in the world environment and most of these environmental disasters are considered to have destructive effects on the natural living beings and to a great extent to human livelihood. For many decades we are being constantly alarmed of the scarcity and crisis of environmental resources that are really crucial for the survival of modern civilized society. Some of these most important environmental resources are water, petroleum, minerals, etc. and majority of the social, economic and individual concerns regarding the environmental resources are centered on these earthly as well as primordial produces of the earth. Naturally twentieth century scientific interests are drawn to this increasing issue and the awareness as well as initiative for protecting environmental resources became too much important and for the crisis ridden people in environmental resources in many countries this became a priority. The environmental science and management discipline that concerns the protection and initiatives in regard to the crisis in environment is termed as environmental resource management.

The significance of environmental resource management

Environmental resources are significant for all types of natural living hood and modern civilized living of human being. The crisis and scarcity of environmental resources like water can extinguish many species from the face of earth and simultaneously can endanger the human living condition in many respects. As the recent statistics shows, many of the world's biggest rivers and water streams are now endangered by the imminent and increasing level of pollution and a great many nations are facing the health care disaster because of the water pollution. The three factors regarding the water problem like decrease in the level of underground water, scarcity of drinking water and most important of all pollution of water play the most significant role in prioritizing the protection and enrichment of the water resources in the world.
Except water natural energy resources like petroleum is the most concerning area in regard to the environmental resource management. As automobile and transport system of the world is still dependent on the supply of oil energy for its continuance and sustenance the syndrome of going down of crude oil in major oil producing countries is a major concern globally. As estimated before the present century reaches the halfway mark the world is supposed to encounter massive shortage in the supply of oil and natural gas and this concern of continually decreasing level of world's oil reserve is making the thinkers of worldwide environmental resource management to take initiative towards the goal of conservation of petroleum and finding alternative source of energy that can replace the use of petroleum in the coming future.

Third most significant area in regard to the global initiative and raging concerns of environmental resource management is the natural mineral resources and mineral reserve. As for the worldwide production, manufacturing and construction various types of materials like iron, aluminum, copper are essential substances and increasing use of various materials in the world's growing industrially hyper active scenario is likely to extinct many variants of minerals in the near future and simultaneously as modern living cannot afford to depend on the woods or forest resources for replacing the use of the reserve of minerals environmental resource management is becoming more significant for saving the mankind from the future crisis of all these minerals.

Environmental resource management is the most significant management discipline in regard to breaching the great emerging crisis and gap between natural resources as well as energy and the scientific research and methods in finding the alternative.


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