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arrays help
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Posted in : Java Beginners
Write a program that sorts values.
? The program includes readIntegers() that
o reads the user inputs
o stores them in an array, and
o returns the array
? The program includes easySort() that
o sorts values in the array in the ascending order, and returns the sorted array
 Easy Sorting: For all the values in the array A, find the largest and store the values in another array B. Mark the largest value in A with a very small value, e.g., -999999, assuming all the values in A are larger than the value. In the next repetition of the loop, find the largest value in A again and store the value in B. We can repeats above steps until all the values are processed. B will then contain sorted values.

o easySort() can use largest() and search()
? The program reads the user inputs by using readIntegers(), sorts the input values by using easySort(), and prints the sorted values.
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