Cloud Computing

This section list all tutorials and articles for Cloud Computing. These days Cloud Computing is being used to run various types of applications.

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Cloud Computing
Tutorial Security Threats with Cloud Environments
Cloud environment offers array of non device specific and non location specific data storage benefits and superior benefits of multiple point access to data and network. But it equally poses array of risks for the data security. Here you will find all security risks in a cloud computing environment. View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial What is Data Scientist?
Data science though has been perceived many a time as synonymous to computer science itself, it is now widely recognized and practiced as an independent discipline within the broad spectrum of computer science. A practitioner of data science or one who practices in the field of data science as his or her vocation is called a data scientist. Before we go into the details concerning the job and task of a data scientist, let us take a closer look at the subject of data science itself. View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial What are the Cloud Computing Deployment Models?
Cloud computing deployment models that we are going to discuss here would provide some fresh insights into this huge growth and corresponding hype that cloud environment received in the recent time. Let us now have a look at the four cloud computing deployment models that would help us to understand how cloud works on various platforms. Community Cloud shares similarities with both the cloud computing deployment models discussed above, namely, Public Cloud and Private Cloud. View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial What Systems you can migrate to Cloud?
Applications and systems you can migrate to cloud environment not only for just benefits of reducing infrastructure and operational cost, but also for availing a smarter and faster work environment. Data servers, email applications, text documents, Backend Applications are just some of the most common ones among the list of applications and systems you can migrate to cloud for specific business needs and ease of operation. View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial Best Cloud Computing Applications for Small Business
Cloud computing for some years has almost become the buzzword that given the widespread publicity it received thanks to numerous hand-held computing devices and upsurge of applications seems almost a unstoppable force which is going to define many trends. Here best cloud computing applications for small business besides the much publicized benefits of cloud environment in cutting cost, developing more competent end to end customer service based on the real time access of data, etc. View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial The Architecture of Cloud Computing
Just a few years back cloud computing used to be considered as the most feasible alternative in the horizon to replace gigantic IT infrastructure in large corporations and hardware specific information sharing experience. If one aspect is investment on infrastructure, then another invaluable benefit of cloud computing across large, medium and small enterprises is the business process..... View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial Cloud Computing: What is it?
Cloud environment or more precisely cloud computing has almost become synonymous to our present day computing experience over multiple platforms and devices. It is ease of access and less dependability on computer hardware is something that best explains the popularity of cloud computing. The business outcome of cloud computing, especially in large corporations is simply hilarious and almost revolutionary. View Rating

Cloud Computing
Tutorial Cloud Computing: An Overview
Cloud computing is a newer concept in the field of Information technology that can be said to be a revolution in the field of web-services. Cloud computing is a technology based on Internet that provides the users with software, infrastructure, platform, devices, hosting services and other resources with the use of virtually shared servers in a minimal cost. View Rating
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