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What is YotaPhone?

Yotaphone is one of the latest mobile telephony has been designed for customer interest with most widespread technological evolutions. In Yotaphone offers an unique features dual screened smart phone as well as the E-Ink LCD display. This Yotaphone runs on android platform with advance version of android 4.0 features.

Phones or mobile telephony has been subject to most widespread technological evolutions and consumer interest than any device. As per all estimates in the coming future this trend is going to be more dormant and technological innovations are literally going to be swept by mobile computing and telephony devices. YotaPhone is one of the amusing tech produces in the line of these discoveries. YotaPhone is the dual screened smart phone and is probably the first one to come out with such a feature. Apart from stunning LCD display the phone has a E-Ink display as well making it a unique proposition in the smart phone market. Let us see the technical specifications, features and specific user benefits of YotaPhone as envisaged and experienced by users and observers.

Technical specifications and features

Yota is the name of the Russian company behind this stunning smart phone called as YotaPhone. As per industry observers it is just the initial prototype and a lot more left to expect from the company in future in terms augmented features and smoother designs. YotaPhone runs on android platform, to mention specifically android 4.0 or advanced than that. The phone comes with a unique gesture panel swiping which you can return to the home screen or otherwise a long press can lead to reach the multitasking menu. The entire phone is wrapped in Corning 3D Gorilla Glass which is unique and smarter among the host of smart phones in the market. 4.3 inches 720p HP LCD screen by industry standard is not something that can amaze us, but the real punch that the phone has become widely known for is its back display. It is typically a 4.3 inch E-Ink display that can serve many display purposes including maps, messages, eBooks, screenshots and many more.

User Benefits

To be honest YotaPhone is not a revolutionary smart phone to completely redefine the technology and segment all together just in the fashion when Apple, but definitely it is loaded with some features and typical feel that would make the value conscious consumers turn their eyes. It is a good smart phone with all standard specifications and features that you can expect from any of the new generation smart phones and what adds to it as surplus value is the gesture based panel for a smooth guided navigation into the menu and finally the cool back display that is open to your maneuvers for number of your on the move display needs. It is sure that the back E-Ink display is what made the phone so lovable. As the display is of E-Ink technology that typically can hold onto the image without power, even when your battery is ran out you are no longer just cut off from the display on your phone's back side, be it a page of a book, some valuable information, a message or a map. This flexible user experience in terms of display is the forte of YotaPhone.



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