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Jobs Tip

Get Noticed with Your Resume Every job skills coach worth his salt stresses the importance of your resume- they tell you that your resume can make or break your chances to get to the interview. No matter how often repeated, this point could never go ove

Jobs Tip


  1. Get Noticed with Your Resume 
    Every job skills coach worth his salt stresses the importance of your resume- they tell you that your resume can make or break your chances to get to the interview. No matter how often repeated, this point could never go overstressed.
  2. Improve Your Assertiveness at Work 
    Many people believe that aggressiveness is the key to success at the workplace. They think that they can get to the top by imposing their views on others and forcing them to do what they want. This belief has been reinforced by terms such as ?aggressive market strategy? and ?aggressive game?. The truth is that this principle does not work in team environments where interpersonal relationships are very important for achieving goals. What one needs in such an atmosphere (which is when you are working for an organization) is assertiveness. 
  3. How to Negotiate Salary at an Interview 
    Discussing and negotiating for salary is a very crucial part of any job interview. Even the most seasoned of candidates often find it a nerve wracking task. However bungling on this aspect can hurt you in many ways. You ask for too much, and you lose the game. If you ask for less, you end up with the nagging feeling that you could have got more. Here are a few pointers to how you can arrive at win-win solutions to the task.
  4. Managing Anger 
    Angry behavior at home, on the road and at the workplace is on the rise everywhere, what with increasing work pressures, inadequate sleep and interpersonal tensions that are the hallmark of modern life. Angry behavior manifests in several ways- snapping at people, yelling, banging doors and sulking.
  5. Group Discussion Dos and Don?ts
    Group discussions are today an important part of the selection process to many entry-level executive jobs and management institutes. This is often done when a large number of candidates are involved even after the initial screening of resumes/ entrance tests. The selection committee then uses group discussions as the next round to quickly identify the most suitable candidates for the next round, that is interviews.
  6. What it Takes to be a Leader 
    All world admires a successful person. There is no one who doesn?t want to be a success in his/her career, personal life and just about any chosen field of activity. However few recognize the common ingredients that have helped people who have had spectacular success in their chosen field. Nevertheless these common ingredients can all be packed into one powerful word- leadership.
  7. Prepare Success Stories for Your Interview 
    Alright, so you have gone through countless books and articles that tell you how to tackle job interviews and know all there is to know, right? Not necessarily. These books bring up the most commonly asked and the toughest questions and give you possible answers to them, which you need to learn by heart.
  8. The Right Reasons for Change
    The IT boom and the thriving economy have created many more job opportunities today than a decade and a half back. As a result it is easier for people to switch to a better job, and job hopping has become the norm than exception in the private sector.
  9. Keep Your Current Job While You Seek a New One
    There are many advantages when you interview for a new job while you are in a job. You have an edge over others while negotiating the terms as you really have an option whether you want to accept this new job.
  10. Work Email- Dos and Don?ts
    With the proliferation of computers and the Internet, emails are fast replacing letters in the realm of work communications. The reasons are obvious- emails are faster, cheaper and you can afford to relax on the formality. You can send/ forward an email to multiple recipients, keep track of a discussion- all very effortlessly. However in the fast and furious pace that emails create, there are a few things that are easy to slip out of our mind as well.


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