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Java File - Learn how to handle files in Java with Examples and Tutorials

Java File - Learn how to handle files in Java with Examples and Tutorials

Java File - Example and Tutorials

This section is discussing about file handling in Java. You will learn how to handle file in Java. Examples given here teaches you about file handling in Java with many code snippets and ready to use programs. In real programming scenario developers are using Java File functions to read and write data to the file system. So, its very important to learn the file handling in java.

What are the Java API's for file handling in Java?

Java is very extensive language and it provides full set of API for managing the file system. Java API's are very easy to use and provides high performance if used correctly.

The package of Java API provides the classes and interfaces for managing the input output operations such as reading file, writing to file, reading from input stream, writing to output stream etc. The package can be used to serialize the data also.

There are many uses of file handling in Java. Most common use of the file handling in Java is to read and write the application data into a file. These data can be used for future processing. Developers are also using the file handling API for writing to a log file in the application. Log file is very useful in recording the application log.



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