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Generics Method in Java


After going through the example, you will be able to declare and use generic methods in Java programming language. As you already know, generic method use parameter type declaration and that can be done using the <> syntax. 

For example:

public static <E> void printArray(E[] inputArray). The syntax can be used only before the return type of the method. Basically generic method can be used by any generic or nongeneric class and those class can used that generic type as argument. They can also use it as return type.





Code for Java Method - Generics

public class UseGenericMethod {
public static <E> void printArray(E[] inputArray) {
for (E element : inputArray)
System.out.printf("%s ", element);
public static void main(String args[]) {
Integer[] array = 102030405060 };
System.out.println("The Array contains:");

Output will be displayed as:

Generic Method Java

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