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Convert Number To Words

In this example, We are going to convert number to words.

Convert Number To Words


In this example, We are going to convert number to words.

Code Description:

The following program takes the two static array of Strings . Here, we are going to make a method in which a parameter of integer type is passed. After that this program is going to create an another method of name convert() . In the main class create an object, and pass the value in object (num) . It displays the string representing the number.

Here is the code of this program:

public class NumberToWords{
  static final String[] Number1 = {""," Hundrad"};
  static final String[] Number2 = {"","One","Two""Three","Four","Five",
  " Six"," Seven""Eight"," Nine","Ten" };
  String number(int number){
  String str;
  if (number % 100 10){
  str = Number2[number % 100];
  number /= 100;
  else {
  str= Number2[number % 5];
  number /= 5;
  if (number == 0return str;
  return Number2[number"hundred" + str;
  public String convert(int number) {
  if (number == 0){
  return "zero"
  String pre = "";
  String str1 = "";
  int i = 0;
  do {
  int n = number % 100;
  if (n != 0){
  String s = number(n);
  str1 = s + Number1[i+ str1;
  number /= 100;
  while (number > 0);
  return (pre + str1).trim();
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  NumberToWords num = new NumberToWords();
  System.out.println("words is :=" + num.convert(0));
  System.out.println("words is :=" + num.convert(1));
  System.out.println("words is :=" + num.convert(9));
  System.out.println("words is :=" + num.convert(100));

Download of this program:

Output of this program.

C:\corejava>java NumberToWords
words is :=zero
words is :=One
words is :=Nine
words is :=One Hundrad



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December 9, 2011

this is not work if number is in laks........ ex 150000 1 lack 50 thousund
dharmesh s vanza
January 20, 2012
number to words

automatic number to words
January 25, 2012

sir, how would i call this void function on jButton1. please tell me d coding for that..
February 4, 2012

can any pplease explain the NumberToWords program its difficult to understand
Pravin Bhaiswar
February 6, 2012
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