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J2ME Kxml Example


This is the simple kxml application, In this application we'll show you how to work with kxml parser and how to parse the xml file in the midlet . 

In this section we take the following steps:

  • We  create an employee.xml file, in which we have four tags that is : name, city, state and designation. 
  • We  use the XmlParser in our MIDlet to access the value of xml file and print on the j2me console. 
  • We manipulates the DOM to parse the xml file.

Manipulating the DOM is a simple way of interacting with XML, where the entire XML tree is parsed into a node structure. The XML tree  resides in memory and you can traverse the tree programmatically.


The Entire Application is as follows:


Source code of KXMLExample.java

import java.io.*;
import org.kxml.*;
import org.kxml.kdom.*;
import org.kxml.parser.*;
import javax.microedition.io.*;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;

public class KXMLExample extends MIDlet {
  XmlParser parser = null;
  Document doc = new Document();
  public String emp = "/employee.xml";

  protected void startApp(){
    try {
      InputStream in = this.getClass().getResourceAsStream(emp);
      InputStreamReader is = new InputStreamReader(in);
      parser = new XmlParseris );
      doc.parseparser );
      parser = null;
    catch (IOException ioe) {
      parser = null;
      doc = null;
    Element root = doc.getRootElement();
    int child_count = root.getChildCount();

    for (int i = 0; i < child_count ; i++ ) {
      if (root.getType(i!= Xml.ELEMENT) {

      Element element = root.getElement(i);
      if (!element.getName().equals("details")) {

      System.out.println("----------[ EMP-DETAILS ]----------");
      int address_item_count = element.getChildCount();

      for (int j = 0; j < address_item_count ; j++) {
        if (element.getType(j!= Xml.ELEMENT) {
        Element item = element.getElement(j);
        System.out.printlnitem.getName() ": " + item.getText(0));
        item = null;
      element = null;

  protected void pauseApp(){}

  protected void destroyApp(boolean unconditional){


The Complete Source Code Here: Download


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