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super Java Keyword

The super is a keyword defined in the java programming language.

super Java Keyword


The super is a keyword defined in the java programming language. Keywords are basically reserved words which have specific meaning relevant to a compiler in java programming language likewise the super keyword indicates the following : 

-- The super keyword in java programming language refers to the superclass of the class where the super keyword is currently being used.
--  The super keyword as a standalone statement is used to call the constructor of the superclass in the base class.

Example to use the super keyword to call the constructor of the superclass in the base class:

public class Class1{

public Class1(String arg){


--  The syntax super.<method_Name>() is used to give a call to a method of the superclass in the base class.
--  This kind of use of the super keyword is only necessary when we need to call a method that is overridden in this base class in order to specify that the method should be called on the superclass.

Example to use the super keyword with a method:

public class Class1{

public String String_Method(){

return super.overriden_String_Method();



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December 7, 2011

i dont get super: super.feedPlant(int water); the compiler says ".class expected" in front of "water" and I'm confused as to why it won't compile. How do I use super for methods, the site wasn't very clear
December 8, 2011

how to lern java mening to understant; and y java made by useing maths; and symbols system;
January 13, 2012

if a is father of b and b is father of c and we USE super in both b & c class we get output FROM a & b class if a is father of both b and c CLASS and we USE super both b & c we get output only 1 time & that must be from class a
April 21, 2012

theory is good but the example is not enough clear....
April 23, 2012
sap oops

is it possible to access static methods of superclass to be bass class using SUPER keyword?explain?
dinesh kumar
May 3, 2012

m feeling good
shalini kumari
June 12, 2012
super keyword...........

nice concept..........can be easily understood.........