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ActiveBPEL Designer

ActiveBPEL® Designer is the premier integrated development environment for rapidly building, testing and deploying BPEL-based applications.

ActiveBPEL Designer


ActiveBPEL® Designer is the premier integrated development environment for rapidly building, testing and deploying BPEL-based applications.  A native Eclipse Ready?  technology, ActiveBPEL Designer is used by thousands of SOA architects and developers to build loosely-coupled, composite application systems.

Unlike other BPEL design tools, which offer unwieldy pre-structured graphing interfaces, ActiveBPEL Designer provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop diagramming canvas with all BPEL processing constructs close at hand.  What's more, users can create custom BPEL process components and save them onto the tool palette, improving productivity and promoting application component reuse.

Service endpoint management is frequently a source of problems for developers of SOA applications.  Getting the service interfaces correct is arduous and error prone.  ActiveBPEL Designer overcomes these problems by automatically discovering all project WSDL (Web Services Description Language) descriptors and storing them in the Web References? palette, from which they can be easily dragged onto the diagramming canvas like any other BPEL construct.  SOA developers consistently rave about how much time and aggravation Web References save in building BPEL-based applications.

One of the most challenging aspects of building SOA applications is quality assurance. Developers must analyze every flow path, every condition, every fault to ensure that processes are bullet-proof. Testing can be particularly thorny when processes include services that are unavailable at design time. To overcome these challenges, the ActiveBPEL Design tool delivers breakthrough simulation and debugging tools. Developers simply switch ActiveBPEL Designer into simulation mode, set their breakpoints and execute their processes.  They can pause execution at any point to examine and change the contents of all in-flight data, allowing every process flow path to be thoroughly tested.  ActiveBPEL Designer even allows developers to provide a variety of return messages for each service, permitting the simulation of an infinite number of fault handling scenarios.  Using ActiveBPEL Designer, SOA developers get their BPEL processes right the first time.

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