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Eclipse Plunging Source Code Analyzer

EclipsePro Audit integrates seamlessly into your Eclipse environment. It extends and enhances the base functionality of Eclipse, resulting in greater capability. EclipsePro Audit provides powerful code audit and metrics features. These unique tools automa

Eclipse Plunging Source Code Analyzer


  1. EclipsePro Audit
    EclipsePro Audit integrates seamlessly into your Eclipse environment. It extends and enhances the base functionality of Eclipse, resulting in greater capability. EclipsePro Audit provides powerful code audit and metrics features. These unique tools automate manual tasks, offer immediate feedback and streamline development activities.
  2. Eclipse Metrics
    This plug in calculates various metrics for your code during build cycles and warns you, via the Task List, of 'range violations' for each metric. This allows you to stay continuously aware of the health of your code base.
  3. FindBugs Plug-in
    FindBugs is a program to find bugs in Java programs. It looks for instances of "bug patterns" - code instances that are likely to be errors. The FindBugs distribution consists of a stand-alone Java application and an ANT task. In order to find bugs, you have to use either of them. Developers using the Eclipse platform must leave their environment and start either of the above mentioned programs in order to check their code for bugs.
  4. Checkclipse
    Checkclipse integrates the famous Checkstyle Style and Coding Guideline Checker Checkstyle into the Eclipse Software Development Environment (Websphere Studio Application Developer is the IBM-product based on the eclipse platform).
  5. AppPerfect Code Analyzer
    AppPerfect DevTest4J is a comprehensive suite of products consisting of java code analyzer, unit tester and profiler. Code Analyzer is designed to perform two key software development functions: Review Java code and Enforce Good Coding Practices which leads to optimization of your application. Code analyzer analyzes java/jsp code against over 750 built-in coding rules, product also provides functionality to automatically fix the coding violations.
  6. Cap Code  Analysis Plugin
    CAP is a plugin for the eclipse platform that analysis the dependencies of your Java project. It opens a own perspective and displays the results in an clear way using different diagrams.
  7. RefactorIt
    With RefactorIT, a developer can take source code of any size and complexity and rework it into well-designed code by means of automated refactorings. RefactorIt provides a comprehensive set of smart query functions, a graphical dependency analyzer, and over 300 quality metrics and audits that make it possible to analyze and track large volumes of code.
  8. Analysis tool - SourceGlider for Eclipse
    SourceGlider is the code analyzer for Java that helps you to understand the code, display its impact and dependencies, monitor code quality and stability, measure code properties, indicate the major coding problems, search the common design patterns, etc.
  9. Lint4j Eclipse Plugin
    Lint4j ("Lint for Java") is a static Java source code analyzer that detects locking and threading issues, performance and scalability problems, and checks complex contracts such as Java serialization by performing type, data flow, and lock graph analysis. This free plugin integrates Lint4j with Eclipse.
  10. PMD For Eclipse
    PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems like: * Possible bugs - empty try/catch/finally/switch statements * Dead code - unused local variables, parameters and private methods * Suboptimal code - wasteful String/StringBuffer usage * Overcomplicated expressions - unnecessary if statements, for loops that could be while loops * Duplicate code - copied/pasted code means copied/pasted bugs * ... and many others This plugin provides the integration of PMD into an Eclipse based environment.
  11. WebOfPatterns Client - Design Pattern Detection and Creation
    The WebOfPattern client is an Eclipse plugin that provides the following functionality: - Design patterns can be downloaded from standard web servers. Note: This may require to configure the proxy server in the plugin preferences. - The plugin has a local copy of the default pattern repository on board.
  12. Spoon JDT
    Spoon JDT is a plugin for the code generation/Transformation based on the Spoon framework. With it, you can use different pre-defined packages for - Annotation Validation (AVal) - Source code Validation (VSuite) - your own custom transformations.
  13. ispace - a scalable dependency visualization system for Java
    ispace is a graph-based tool for visualizing, analyzing, and experimentally reorganizing Java dependency graphs. The tool provides a set of simple but flexible means for tailoring the visualized graph corresponding to information needs of the user.
  14. structure101
    The structure101 plug-in for Eclipse is a free companion to the structure101 client product. The plug-in lets you influence your software architecture as it happens. when the code is edited in the IDE. Structure101 architecture diagrams specify layering and composition in a concise format.




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