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Eclipse Plugin-Rich Client Applications

# OpenTime/RC OpenTime/RC is an open-source and standards compliant solution to time and expense data collection. It is available as an Eclipse plugin and makes use of the JFace/SWT APIs. Is is an example of a business oriented, rich client application w

Eclipse Plugin-Rich Client Applications


  1. OpenTime/RC
    OpenTime/RC is an open-source and standards compliant solution to time and expense data collection. It is available as an Eclipse plugin and makes use of the JFace/SWT APIs. Is is an example of a business oriented, rich client application which benefits from Eclipse features such as views & perspectives, preferences, functionality enhancement through add-on plugins, o�n-line help, national language and update manager support.
  2. IAB Studio
    IAB Studio plug-in enables Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Platform for Eclipse. It allows for building advance RIA solutions with comfort, confidence and fun. This plug-in gives you the ability of using over 50 rich controls (rialets), various wizards, and many unique and very useful features. With IAB Studio RIA Enterprise Server you can rapidly build business applications on the web with advanced GUI, sophisticated reports, complex workflows as well as your manage data and content, organize your projects and project teams, exchange with messages and much more.
  3. User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (UDIG)
    User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig) is an open source spatial data viewer/editor, with special emphasis on the OpenGIS standards for internet GIS, the Web Map Server and Web Feature Server standards. uDig provides a common Java platform for building spatial applications with open source components.
  4. Matchmaker-Client Application 
    The matchmaker is a program for the generation and administration of tournaments. Main feature: * Different groups (Normal and final ones) * Automatic computed starttimes * Multiplace-Support * Automatic generation of scorecards * Save and load your matches * Pdf reports of tournaments and matches
  5. JFire - Free Java ERP framework
    JFire is a flexible Open Source ERP framework. It manages all common tasks an ERP system aims, like management and distribution of products, customer relationship management or bookkeeping (accounting). The framework is entirely free/open-source software and uses the latest technologies (J2EE 1.4, JDO 2.0, Eclipse RCP 3.2). It is designed to be highly customizable and provides the common base for developers in need of an ERP system specialized for their business.
  6. Softabar Password Manager
    Softabar Password Manager is a tool for managing usernames and passwords to various services such as Internet emails, online shops, web servers and other accounts. The easy to use user interface helps you to keep your passwords in order. Version 2.0.1 is major upgrade.
  7. Foundation Framework
    Foundation Plugins allow developers to rapidly create data entry applications from within their favorite IDE. By creating a model of the data within industry standard UML, developers can more easily build and deploy applications to run on Oracle or Sql Server databases to users within the Intranet or across the Internet.
  8. Spket IDE
    Spket IDE is powerful toolkit for JavaScript, XUL/XBL, Laszlo, SVG, Silverlight and Yahoo! Widget development. It has following features: * XPCOM components viewer * Code completion for JavaScript and XML * Syntax highlighting for JavaScript and XML * Code folding for JavaScript and XML * Open declaraction
  9. EclipseTrader
    Stock exchange analysis system, featuring shares pricing watch, intraday and history charts with technical analysis indicators, level II/market depth view, news watching, automated trading systems, integrated trading. Based on Eclipse RCP framework.
  10. JMoney RCP
    JMoney is a personal finance (accounting) manager written in Java. It is built using the Eclipse RCP and can be extended using plug-ins. If you wish your accounts program could do something that it cannot then download JMoney and write a plugin.
  11. Jigsaw Archive
    JIGSAW Archive increases the performance and stability of your Lotus Notes/Domino environment by automating the management of electronic mailboxes, optimizing the storage of email, eliminating the need for mailbox quotas and preventing the proliferation of personal archives.
  12. Quiz Extreme
    Quiz Extreme is an easy to use, powerful, and very affordable quiz software package designed especially for home education, public and private schools, universities, and parents. Make your own quizzes and tests for print or computer based testing. Embed images, video, or audio clips into quizzes. This application runs on a Java 6 or higher JVM (included in the installer package) and is built on the Eclipse RCP version 3.2.1. It also includes other open-source technologies including: JasperReports, Jazzy, Hibernate, and Apache Derby.
  13. RSSOwl 2.0
    RSSOwl 2.0 will be the next major release with a lot of new and exciting features. The idea to work on a completely new RSSOwl was born back in Summer 2005. At that time it became clear to me that it was very hard to catch up with the features of other readers without redesigning everything. I teamed up with another developer (Ismael) to work on RSSOwl 2 from scratch. Our main goal is to provide a newsreader that is powerful, easy to extend and easy to use. We chose the Eclipse Rich Client Platform as framework and db4o as powerful database to store all the news. 
  14. Simponent Roadmap
    Roadmap is a rich internet client/browser based on RDML (Roadmap Markup Language), a declarative language with templating and scripting support. Roadmap is a platform which simplifies the use of web and data services, and enables developers to build and deploy rich internet applications to the desktop. Roadmap is a web browser.




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