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# Acucorp - ACUCOBOL-GT Eclipse Plug-in With the ACUCOBOL-GT Eclipse Plug-in, software developers can take advantage of the independent and royalty-free Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) while maintaining and enhancing their organization&



  1. Acucorp - ACUCOBOL-GT Eclipse Plug-in 
    With the ACUCOBOL-GT Eclipse Plug-in, software developers can take advantage of the independent and royalty-free Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) while maintaining and enhancing their organization�s business-critical COBOL applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux.
  2. Quigen - Eclipse CodeGenerator 
    Eclipse Plugin to quickly generate any Textcontent based on a selected Document-Model (xml-Model or java-SyntaxTreeModel or properties,...). The generation-engine is Jakarta Velocity. 
  3. Running Man Patch 
    Patch bringing back the "Running Man" and/or the "Eraser" icons to Eclipse 3.x
  4. MyNotes
    MyNotes is a free note taking plug-in that makes it simple and convenient to save and recall little bits of information. Use MyNotes to record information or keep track of bugs, reminders, ideas, tasks, bookmarks, contacts, passwords and really, just about anything.
  5. EclipseGoodies
    Eclipse Goodies is a set of open source released Eclipse-plugins and tools for the Eclipse IDE we believe might be useful to other developers as well. Currently there are: * com.nightlabs.ant: a collection of Ant-Tasks
  6. JotAzul Blueclipse
    Objects First on Eclipse ! JotAzul Blueclipse Plug-in integrates the powerful Eclipse SDK and the JotAzul IDE. It creates an unique environment where you can program your classes using the Eclipse JDT and then create and interact with your objects just pointing and clicking using an object viewer.
  7. Web-CAT Electronic Submission Plug-in 
    The electronic submission plug-in for Eclipse allows Eclipse users to electronically submit projects to services, including grading systems.
  8. WSMO Studio
    WSMO Studio is a Semantic Web Service editor compliant with the Web Service Modeling Ontology. WSMO Studio is available as a set of Eclipse plug-ins that can be further extended by 3rd parties.
  9. PaperClips 
    PaperClips is a simple, light weight, extensible Java printing library for SWT. PaperClips hides the complexity of laying out and rendering documents on the printer, helping you focus on what to print instead of how to print it.
  10. Masters of Java Assignment Plugin
    This plugin makes it easier to develop 'Masters of Java' Assignments. 'Masters of Java' is an open source programming contest environment. The plugin has the following features : * New Assignment Wizard which sets up project structure with all the required files for an assignment. 
  11. iReport Plug-in for Eclipse
    With the iReport Plug-in for Eclipse, Eclipse users can create, edit, and run reports from the same familiar development environment they use everyday, speeding up their workflow and reducing project development times. 
  12. libCopy 
    It is a minimalistic plugin which makes usage of M2Eclipse managed projects with Eclipse WebTools Platform just a little easier.
  13. codeShare
    The codeShare Eclipse plug-in was developed by Mark Drew and Ryan Everhart. This plug-in allows users to select and share code with other developers at via a private url.
  14. Tikal Eclipse Distribution
    Tikal Eclipse is an open source Eclipse-based distro which combines the Eclipse binaries with a broad range of Eclipse plugins for Java, Java Enterprise, C/C++ and Dynamic Languages (Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby) Development. 
  15. jMATkLAB - A Workbench for Scientific Computing 
    jMATLAB is an Eclispe based interpreter interface to linear algebra libraries. It is based on the notion of MATLAB. It provides MATLAB like scripting language for quick programming.




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