An exercise using (SRS) as a blue print for Abstraction and Modeling in a one page answer. Was this example correct?
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The software tool to help automate the process of producing a blueprint for problems with a television by using operation systems(SRS). By using this system will enable the user to model from an (OO)perspective (i.e., software perspective). As an Operator System Object Modeler the program to automate aspects of these problem area will include: 1. Last of possible problems w/operation systems, users to select operation systems, verify operation systems met prerequisites (via) UML. When problems w/operation systems occur the operation system : object modeler set forth a plan listing possible problems w/operations: Picture, Sound, Power, Etc. Once a plan of study has been established then during periods preceding ea. attributes the user is then able to view the list of possible problems w/operations/options to solve possible problems w/operation systems.

The blueprint produced by the automated system (SRS)will then verify whether or not operation systems meet all prerequisites for ea. attributes referred. Assuming that: 1. Prerequisites for possible problems w/ operation systems are satisfied/ 2. Options to solve possible problems w/operation systems

However if verification prerequisities (i.e., state/ Functions) delay (OO) will scan system failures and automate all system through (UML).


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