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1. Which of the following are valid definitions of an application's main( ) method?

a) public static void main();
b) public static void main( String args );
c) public static void main( String args[] );
d) public static void main( Graphics g );
e) public static boolean main( String args[] );

2. If MyProg.java were compiled as an application and then run from the command line as:
java MyProg I like tests
what would be the value of args[ 1 ] inside the main( ) method?

a) MyProg
b) "I"
c) "like"
d) 3
e) 4
f) null until a value is assigned

3. Which of the following are Java keywords?

a) array
b) boolean
c) Integer
d) protect
e) super

4. After the declaration:
char[] c = new char[100];
what is the value of c[50]?

a) 50
b) 49
c) '\u0000'
d) '\u0020'
e) " "
f) cannot be determined
g) always null until a value is assigned

5. After the declaration:
int x;
the range of x is:

a) -231 to 231-1
b) -216 to 216 - 1
c) -232 to 232
d) -216 to 216
e) cannot be determined; it depends on the machine

6. Which identifiers are valid?

a) _xpoints
b) r2d2
c) bBb$
d) set-flow
e) thisisCrazy

7. Represent the number 6 as a hexadecimal literal.

8. Which of the following statements assigns "Hello Java" to the String variable s?

a) String s = "Hello Java";
b) String s[] = "Hello Java";
c) new String s = "Hello Java";
d) String s = new String("Hello Java");

9. An integer, x has a binary value (using 1 byte) of 10011100. What is the binary value of z after these statements:
int y = 1 << 7;
int z = x & y;

a) 1000 0001
b) 1000 0000
c) 0000 0001
d) 1001 1101
e) 1001 1100

10. Which statements are accurate:

a) >> performs signed shift while >>> performs an unsigned shift.
b) >>> performs a signed shift while >> performs an unsigned shift.
c) << performs a signed shift while <<< performs an insigned shift.
d) <<< performs a signed shift while << performs an unsigned shift.

11. The statement ...
String s = "Hello" + "Java";
yields the same value for s as ...
String s = "Hello";
String s2= "Java";
s.concat( s2 );

12. If you compile and execute an application with the following code in its main() method:
String s = new String( "Computer" );

if( s == "Computer" )
System.out.println( "Equal A" );
if( s.equals( "Computer" ) )
System.out.println( "Equal B" );
a) It will not compile because the String class does not support the = = operator.
b) It will compile and run, but nothing is printed.
c) "Equal A" is the only thing that is printed.
d) "Equal B" is the only thing that is printed.
e) Both "Equal A" and "Equal B" are printed.

13. Consider the two statements:
1. boolean passingScore = false && grade == 70;
2. boolean passingScore = false & grade == 70;
The expression
grade == 70
is evaluated:

a) in both 1 and 2
b) in neither 1 nor 2
c) in 1 but not 2
d) in 2 but not 1
e) invalid because false should be FALSE

14. Given the variable declarations below:
byte myByte;
int myInt;
long myLong;
char myChar;
float myFloat;
double myDouble;
Which one of the following assignments would need an explicit cast?

a) myInt = myByte;
b) myInt = myLong;
c) myByte = 3;
d) myInt = myChar;
e) myFloat = myDouble;
f) myFloat = 3;
g) myDouble = 3.0;

15. Consider this class example:
class MyPoint
{ void myMethod()
{ int x, y;
x = 5; y = 3;
System.out.print( " ( " + x + ", " + y + " ) " );
switchCoords( x, y );
System.out.print( " ( " + x + ", " + y + " ) " );
void switchCoords( int x, int y )
{ int temp;
temp = x;
x = y;
y = temp;
System.out.print( " ( " + x + ", " + y + " ) " );
What is printed to standard output if myMethod() is executed?

a) (5, 3) (5, 3) (5, 3)
b) (5, 3) (3, 5) (3, 5)
c) (5, 3) (3, 5) (5, 3)

16. To declare an array of 31 floating point numbers representing snowfall for each day of March in Gnome, Alaska, which declarations would be valid?

a) double snow[] = new double[31];
b) double snow[31] = new array[31];
c) double snow[31] = new array;
d) double[] snow = new double[31];

17. If arr[] contains only positive integer values, what does this function do?
public int guessWhat( int arr[] )
{ int x= 0;
for( int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++ )
x = x < arr[i] ? arr[i] : x;
return x;
a) Returns the index of the highest element in the array
b) Returns true/false if there are any elements that repeat in the array
c) Returns how many even numbers are in the array
d) Returns the highest element in the array
e) Returns the number of question marks in the array

18. Consider the code below:
arr[0] = new int[4];
arr[1] = new int[3];
arr[2] = new int[2];
arr[3] = new int[1];
for( int n = 0; n < 4; n++ )
System.out.println( /* what goes here? */ );
Which statement below, when inserted as the body of the for loop, would print the number of values in each row?

a) arr[n].length();
b) arr.size;
c) arr.size -1;
d) arr[n][size];
e) arr[n].length;

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