credit card problem



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credit card problem
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credit card problem - Java Beginners
credit card problem  Say that you owe the credit card company $1000.00. The company charges you 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. You have decided to stop using the card and to pay off the debt by making a monthly payment
Credit Card Validation Application
Credit Card Validation Application   Write a c program that reads a credit card number from the user. The c program will display: ΓΆβ?¬ΒΆ Valid: if the credit card is valid ΓΆβ?¬ΒΆ Invalid: if the credit card is invalid
credit card validation
credit card validation   Double every second digit from right to left... digits in the odd places from right to left in the card number. 6 + 6 + 0 + 8 + 0... is between 13 and 16, then the card number is valid; otherwise, it is invalid. i
Credit Card Validation - Java Beginners
Credit Card Validation  i have to do a project for my comp sci class. yet i dont know how to select the last digit of a credit card number strings... up the digits in the credit card number, working from right to left
How to send request to the visa/master card to get verifed the credit card - Security
How to send request to the visa/master card to get verifed the credit card  Sending request to verify the card number
How to send request to the visa/master card to get verifed the credit card - Security
How to send request to the visa/master card to get verifed the credit card  we are accepting the credit card number, So how to forward request get verified the card number. Thanks You
How to send request to the visa/master card to get verifed the credit card - Security
How to verifed the credit card  Can anyone please explain me to verify the card number while accepting payment online
Problem in card demo example.
Problem in card demo example.  Hi, I have successfully shows..., but my problem is when I drag of card that show on top, since all the 52 cards... one card of bunch, then its shows back of its above card, hence the top most card
Problem in show card in applet.
Problem in show card in applet.  The following link contained the card demo with applet. but Not show card in the applet, then I add a code in paintComponent method like
Shoping Card
Shoping Card  Complete coding for online shoping card
Debit Note & Credit Note
Debit Note & Credit Note   hii, What is the Debit Note & Credit Note ?   hello,, Generally no business done without credit a debit note is generally issued by purchaser and credit note will be issued by supplier
What is cash credit
What is cash credit  hello, What is cash credit?   hii, Cash credit means person gives the cash to some another person expecting to get that cash in future date with some premium
What is Java Card ?
What is Java Card ?  hii, What is Java Card ?   hello, The Java Card specification allows Java technology to run on smart cards and other small devices
complete coding for shopping card
complete coding for shopping card  complete coding for shopping card   Please visit the following link: Shopping Cart Application
Tomahawk validateCreditCard tag
is used to validate a Credit Card Number entered by the user. If we want the user to enter a valid Credit Card Number then this validation...; <t:outputText value="Credit Card Number:"/> <h:inputText
CreditCardValidator in Flex4
for validate a credit card number. It checks the length and correct prefix of the credit... of the credit card number, and the cardTypeSource and cardTypeProperty properties are used to specify the location of the credit card type to validate. The length
how to make employee i card
how to make employee i card  hello friends can anyone help me.. I have to make a project to make Identity card for employees...but i am facing... such as name and image at a paticular place on the I-card...plz reply as soon
Java Swing Card Layout
Java Swing Card Layout Java technology uses Layout Managers to define... layout manager. Multiple components on card can be added but at a time only one card can be seen. Here is the code: import java.awt.*; import
Print Card Website Templates
In rose India we create various kinds of printing card templates like. Greeting cards, Invitation cards, Marriage Card etc. Our customized print cards... to modify and make changes print card website templates according to the needs
How to make a valentine card
How to make a valentine card Learn a easy technique to make a valentine card. It is very interesting design, I hope you will like... any flower image from any where then add in your card. Heart Shape: Choose
Open Source Shopping Cart
credit card processing necessary. They can process the credit cards manually, as most businesses already have a manual credit card processor. After downloading... the products and categories you add your payment details for accepting the credit cards
An Online Wallet Service Can Help for Ecommerce
. This information includes credit card numbers, actual funds, shipping information... for their online transactions. While credit card payments to a site are often secured... their credit card information with them at all times and not everyone has a credit card
java programming problem - Java Beginners
java programming problem   Given a deck of ncards unique cards.Cut the deck iCut cards from the top portion of the deck followed by the bottom card... etc. Alternating the remaining cards go on top. The problem is to find
problem in onlinetest...
problem in onlinetest...  hi, my code getting the problem is ,when user leave a question then the server puts error... pls help me
javascript problem
javascript problem  hi guys My problem is that I am using radio button for yes or no but i want to do that if I press yes button then enter... enter please help me this problem
problem in validation
problem in validation  sir/madam, i m using struts-1.3.10. i m getting a problem my properties file is not found.... while i hav configuired it in struts-config.xml file, like thanks n regards himanshu
Problem with loginbean.jsp
Problem with loginbean.jsp - I am getting an error in loginbean.jsp.There is some error regarding .What is hello in this? Also in this example how
problem on strings
problem on strings  in string1 "123456 ABC DEF...",IN string2 "raveen". iwant to add string2 after 123456 in the first string based on index number.i need logic for this with out using StringBuffer concept. Thanks in advanace
problem with package
problem with package  Dear sir, i have created one java file with package; and i compiled the showing the .class file in " net" folder.The problem is i want to use that .class file in some other
Problem with cookies
Problem with cookies  Hello All, i need jsp code for RememberMe module of login. i am facing problem with cookies. so please if any one could guide me please help and provide mme the exact code.   Please visit
compilation problem
compilation problem  struts 2.0 : i have included all 5 jars in lib folder,but its giving compilation problem that package open symphony doesnot... havenot set the build path.if this is the problem then tell me how to set